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Foundation Problems

Floor and Wall Gaps

Floor gaps, wall gaps and gaps between your floor and baseboards are a sign that you have sagging floor joists or your house is settling. Both of these problems are safety hazards and, if left unfixed, will cause additional damage to your home. 

Understanding Floor and Wall Gaps, Cracks & Separation Virginia, MD, DC

Identifying & Repairing Foundation Issues Related to Foundation Settlement

Do These Floor and Wall Gaps Look Familiar?

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These Cracks are Symptoms of Foundation Settlement

Why Do I Get Floor and Wall Gaps?

Sagging floor joists and house settling are two of the problems that can cause floor wall gaps. Sagging floor joists occur when the support pillars that hold up the floor joists are spaced too far apart. The uneven spacing overloads the floor joists which causes them to bend and sag. If sagging floor joists is the problem, then your floor can be uneven, squeak, or have a gap between the wall and floor.

House settling is caused when the ground your home is built on changes or shifts. Soil changes happen when there is too much water, the soil’s too dry, or the soil isn’t prepared properly before the build.

Think of the soil your home sits on like a sponge:


It Expands When Wet

Moisture problems and wet conditions can create a problem. When wet, the sponge expands and becomes soft. The same happens to the soil. The wet soil pushes against your foundation, forcing the walls in, creating foundation problems.

It Shrinks When Dry

When dry, the sponge contracts. During the hot summer or a drought the soil your home sits on will dry out. As water evaporates, it starts to shrink, pulling away from your foundation. The newly created space next to your foundation allows for foundation movement and house settling.

How Do I Fix Floor and Wall Gaps?

How Do I Fix Floor and Wall Gaps?This is not a do-it-yourself project. Don’t be fooled into thinking that placing metal beams or concrete blocks under the sagging floor joist will fix the problem. This quick fix will fail: collapsing and creating even more problems.

And if you plan to sister the beams it’s important to know that this may not fix the source of the problem. If your home’s settling or is built on unstable ground, then underpinning will be the only option that truly fixes the problem.

What Do I Do Now?


Save yourself the time and hassle of trying to repair your floor and wall gaps – which are telling you that there’s a bigger problem – by calling in the experts.

Every foundation repair consultant is thoroughly trained by our team of Professional Engineers to find and diagnose foundation problems, and provide you with the best recommendation for your home. Not every home we inspect needs repair, and we’ll tell you if your floor or wall gaps only need a patch.

You don’t have to live with floor and wall gaps!
Save yourself time and money by requesting a professional foundation evaluation and receive A Free Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair.

JES put 8 stabilizers under my poor sinking house. I was very pleased with their whole operation. No hard sell from the foundation inspector. He just told me what needed to be done and the price. It was intense work, under difficult circumstances. Anything I asked of JES, JES did. I can say that my floors are more even and that the creaking in the floors has gone away.

~ Nancy L., Williamsburg, VA

Foundation Repair Solutions

Floor and Wall Gap Solutions

JES specializes in repairing your home’s foundation, sagging floor joists and wall gaps. Some of our solutions include JES Slab Piers and IntelliJack. It is important to remember that every home’s foundation repair needs are different. Your foundation repair solution should solve the problem, and be designed to address your home’s unique conditions.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution and will work with you to create an economical solution for you and your home. Give a call today at 866-370-4816 to schedule your free inspection and receive a copy of the free Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair as a ‘thank you’ for putting your trust in JES.

Homeowner's Guide to Foundation Repair

Get Your Free Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair

Have you ever wondered about your bowed basement walls and what causes them? Or if that drywall crack is a sign that you have a bigger problem? Our Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair is your resource for learning about foundation problems, causes and solutions. Request your free foundation repair inspection and receive your own copy of the e-book, as our thanks for putting your trust in JES.

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