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failing floor joists and supports

Floor Joist Repair

Floor joists can be a big problem if they’re not installed or positioned properly. Can JES help you find a floor joist repair contractor to fix them?

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failing floor joists and supports

Crawl Space Problems: Failing Floor Joists

Have you started to see your floors sagging? Have you visited your crawl space and noticed problems with your joists? When you stand in certain areas of your home, does the floor feel bouncy?

These are all common signs of failing floor joists. No matter the reason for these floor joist problems, it’s essential that you know how to handle them. They can have genuinely serious repercussions that you don’t want to inflict on your home.


The thing is, many people can have a hard time understanding what floor joists have to do with the rest of their home. It’s also common for people to not really understand how to replace floor joists or fix them. Here’s everything you need to know about the truth behind floor joist repair.

Do These Floor Joist Problems Look Familiar to You?

View some of these sample pictures to see some of the dangers lying behind floor joists, cracked floor joists, and floor joist repair gone wrong. Instead of just waiting for these floor joist problems to become unmissable in your home, talk to a JES expert about scheduling a free inspection to help with your problems.

Floor Joist Repair FAQ

You might have a lot of questions around your floor joist issues. Do I need to replace my floor joists? Is there a way to fix a cracked floor joist? What’s the best floor joist repair contractor near me? Do I need to consult a floor joist repair contractor? If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, keep reading for the answers.

Why do you have problems with your floor joists? This can be a question that’s hard to answer for many homeowners who might not have a lot of knowledge regarding their homes. It is, however, an important question to answer.

If you want to maintain your home, you need to get to the root of the problem. These are some of the most common reasons to need floor joist repair.

Moisture and Humidity

These are extremely common concerns that cause people to look for floor joist repair companies. It’s very common for people to have problems with moisture and humidity underneath their homes, and that moisture can, unfortunately, wreak havoc on floor joists.

Moisture is an effective way to start harboring mold, mildew and wood rot. All these things are very bad for your floor joists, and all of them are also bad for your health. If you want to make sure your home’s floor joists stay stable, you’ll need to make sure you’re combatting moisture in any areas of your home including your crawl space as soon as you notice it.

The Weight of Your Home

A home obviously weighs a lot, and your floor joists need to be able to handle that weight. However, whether through poor products or poor design, it’s possible that your floor joists don’t have the stability they need to support that weight.

As a homeowner, you need to make sure your home can support the weight you put on it. If you suddenly add additional weight, as you might during home improvement, you may end up with a cracked floor joist that can seriously impact your home’s overall stability.

Poor Support Design

Another problem you may run into is poor support design. The individuals who designed your home needed to position floor joists properly and the construction workers needed to carry out those proper plans effectively.

If you had a poor design or a poor carry-out, you may end up with floor joist problems. That’s because overspanned floor joists can be a serious issue that can put too much weight on your foundation. If you have poor support design from the beginning, you might start to see these issues.

If you’re looking to save money, you may consider doing crawl space joist repair on your own. In many situations, doing your own repairs can save you money. However, this isn’t one of those situations.

These are just a few of the reasons you need to rely on a floor joist repair company near you.

Incredible Weight

As mentioned before, your home is incredibly heavy. You may not fully understand how heavy your home is, which means you might end up trying out a fix that won’t actually support the massive weight of your home.

Many people’s attempts to sister a joint or add additional support fail because the products they choose just don’t have the impact needed. They’re simply too weak to hold up to your home’s weight.

If you try to fix it yourself, you’re probably going to underestimate your home’s weight. That’s why you need to instead look for “floor joist repair companies near me” and learn more about JES repair solutions and their benefits. 

An Easy Fix to Botch

One big thing about floor joist repair is that it’s easy to mess it up. It’s not as easy as simply setting up a brick under the area of your floor joist that looks like it’s sagging the most. Besides doing that it can lead to serious issues in the future.

If you aren’t a professional, it’s very easy to do the wrong thing when it comes to your crawl space joist repair. You don’t want to make the wrong choice, because that can lead you to even more significant floor joist problems.

Instead of trying to do it yourself, you should consider the options surrounding floor joist repair companies in your area. JES can help you fix your problems without destroying the joists and your home in the process. 

Tertiary Problems Can Contribute

When you sister a joint, you’re not really fixing the problem of floor joist repair. Instead, you’re just putting it on hold and the problem will still get worse.

There’s a real reason for the problems you’re facing. Those problems may be crawl space moisture, poor design, poor planning, or even just a bad location for your home. Regardless of the problem, it’s still a problem you need to pay attention to.

That’s why so many people choose JES to help with problems like crawl space joist repair. With JES, you aren’t just covering the problem with a bandage. You’re fixing it.

Once you’ve found the right floor joist repair contractor near you and decided to fix the problems, what are your options? The good news is, there are plenty of high-quality floor joist repair options.

These are some of the solutions you might want to consider.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

This is an effective solution for moisture coming up from a dirt crawl space. In fact, it’s something you should pursue even if you don’t currently have issues with your floor joists.

If you have a dirt crawl space, open crawl space vents, or both, you need to make sure you’ve encapsulated your crawl space. This will help avoid crawl space moisture coming up from the ground or in from your vents.

Crawl space encapsulation needs to be done by a professional. If you don’t get it right the first time, that moisture can keep coming up and causing problems. That’s why you should consider a JES crawl space repair expert for your crawl space encapsulation. 

Replacement and Added Support Beams

What if the support beams simply can’t support the home anymore? Especially if you’ve been ignoring floor joist problems for a long time, you might find that this is the case, and you can’t just leave it alone.

In these cases, you’re probably going to need to replace the floor joists. You may also need to add new floor joists that aren’t overspanned or cracked. At this point, there usually isn’t any other option.

Ideally, you’ll want to handle these problems before they mount to such a point that there’s no other crawl space joint repair option except to fully replace it as this will be more expensive and invasive. However, if you do need to replace your floor joists, count on JES to do it.

IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Stabilizing System

What if your crawl space joists can still hold up the home, but just need additional points of support? In these cases, you can rely on JES’s preferred solution: the IntelliJack™ crawl space stabilizing system.

This is effective because it works to help stabilize your crawl space. This jack is designed to stop settling, but it is easy to adjust if your home shifts further in the future. It’s also incredibly strong. Our crawl space support system has an allowable load capacity of more than 24,000 pounds per support jack, and is tested and certified to the highest industry standards.

A homeowner who calls JES for a free inspection early may be able to take advantage of this crawl space stabilizing system. It’s one of the best options for floor joist repair because it’s less invasive and more effective.

Some people might feel reluctant to handle floor joist problems as soon as they notice them. That’s usually because it can seem like an expensive and time-consuming endeavor that doesn’t feel worth it. The fact is it’s much better to handle it now than it is later.

There are many reasons why you should contact JES as soon as possible to handle your floor joist repairs. 

The Cheapest Option

Although it may feel like it’s expensive, floor joist repair is your cheapest option when you take advantage of it. Think about it: are you really expecting the price of the fix to go down by ignoring it?

If you ignore floor joist problems, you’re inviting in additional problems. These problems can be just about anything, but extreme problems can lead to something as dramatic as your floor caving in. That’s going to be more expensive to fix.

Overall, it’s cheaper to fix your floor joist problems right now. Crawl space joist repair from JES is simply the best option for your family and your home. 

A True Safety Concern

You may not really know what’s going on with your floor joist problems. Even if you know you have these problems because you have sagging floors or the floor in certain areas feels bouncy, you might not really know what’s going on until you talk to a floor joist repair contractor.

What if the floor joist has wood rot? What if it has mold and mildew? What if you have termites? These are all potential safety concerns.

Instead of just wondering about these concerns, you need to address them head-on. It’s important to handle floor joist problems at their source, and that’s exactly what a JES crawl space repair professional can do. 

Tackle All Potential Problems at the Same Time

Do you have tertiary problems you’re dealing with in your crawl space? Many homeowners aren’t sure. A cracked floor joist could indicate further problems you didn’t know about.

Whether these problems are expansive soil, poorly poured concrete, crawl space moisture, or something else, it’s always best to know what you’re dealing with. That way, you’ll at least be able to handle your problems.

A free inspection from a JES expert will turn up any problems you didn’t know about and give you an update on any problems you did. From there, you can handle all those problems at once.

Get an Answer for Your Floor Joist Repair Needs with a Free Inspection From JES

It’s not as difficult to handle crawl space joist repair as you might think. You might not be personally cut out for it, and that’s ok. Which is why you might have been looking around for “floor joist repair near me” when you started noticing issues. However, if you have a competent expert to help, you can tackle the problem.

That’s exactly why it’s so useful to have a JES expert available to help. With a JES expert, you can fix your floor joist problems and any other concerns you might have all at once.


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