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Smart Vent Foundation Flood Vents

Smart Vent Foundation Flood Vents

Provides a clear, clog-free opening that allows floodwater to flow in and out

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Smart Vent Foundation Flood Vents

During a storm surge, floodwaters can impose extreme loads against foundation walls. The force of floodwaters and waves can cause a foundation wall to cave in or collapse. Once this happens, the entire house is exposed to more severe damage. The most effective way to blunt this destructive force is to provide a path through foundation walls so that water pressure can equalize inside and outside the foundation. SMART VENT Flood Vents perform this task flawlessly.

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When floodwater comes into contact with the vent, an internal float mechanism unlatches the door, allowing it to pivot open. Unlike a screened vent that will trap debris and impede water movement, the Flood Vent provides a clear, clog-free opening that allows floodwater to flow in and out. The vent stays open as long as the water level is high enough to reach the vent opening.

*SMART VENTS are available for sealed and vented crawl spaces.*

FEMA Banner with Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012
Impact of National Flood Insurance Changes NFIP Banner
SMART VENT Flood Vents – the ONLY vents that are FEMA Accepted and ICC-ES Certified!
Dual Function Flood Vent
1540-510 The Dual-Function
SMART VENT Model provides
flood protection along with
natural air ventilation.
Insulated Flood Vent
1540-520 The Insulated FLOOD
VENT Model seals out cool or
warm air with a solid door
and weather stripping.

  • The changes will mean premium rate increases for some – but, not all — policyholders over time.
  • The new law encourages Program financial stability by eliminating some artificially low rates and discounts.
  • Most flood insurance rates will now move to reflect full risk, and rates will rise in some policies.
  • Subsidized rates for certain other classes of properties will be eliminated over time, beginning in late 2013.
  • FEMA can help communities lower flood risk and flood insurance premiums.

Smart Vent Foundation Flood Vents

What About Sealed vs. Vented Crawl Spaces?

SMART VENTS are available in two styles. Insulated flood vents are ideal for sealed crawl spaces and insulated walls, or any application where flood protection is needed and ventilation is not. In the closed position, the weather stripping around the door keeps exterior air out of the crawl space.

Additionally, the dual-functioning SMART VENT Flood Vent’s door is latched closed until it comes in contact with flood water. Entering flood water lifts the patented internal floats which unlatch and allow the door to rotate open. This allows the flood water to automatically enter and exit through the frame opening, relieving the pressure from the foundation walls. Certified flood debris clearance is demonstrated with a 3” diameter opening when the flood door is activated. A bimetal coil automatically opens and closes the ventilation louvers as temperature changes. No electricity is required. The louvers will be fully closed at 35F and fully open at 75F. In the event of a flood the internal floats lift to release the flood door to rotate open and relieve the hydrostatic pressure regardless of the louvers’ position, open or closed.

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Did You Know?…

During A Flood

During a flood, it’s better to equalize water pressure than to fight it. Flood vents can help avoid severe foundation damage by allowing flood waters to pass through foundation walls rather than pounding against them.Z

Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy made everyone more aware of the damage that can be caused by flooding –especially in areas close to the ocean. Because meteorologists are predicting an increase in extreme weather in the future, it’s smart to protect your home from damage caused by floodwaters.Z

83% Savings on Insurance Policies

Having SMART VENT Flood Vents installed can help to prevent your foundation from being severely damaged by floodwaters OR heavy rain. Flood vent installation also has the potential to lower your flood insurance premium significantly. Homeowners who had their premiums lowered after flood vent installation enjoyed an average savings of 83% on their flood insurance policies.

SMART VENT Flood Prevention Solutions

JES specializes in repairing your home’s foundation, crawl space moisture management, and basement waterproofing. It is important to remember every home’s repair needs are different. Your foundation repair solution should solve the problem, and be designed to address your home’s unique conditions.

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