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Pests in Your Crawl Space

When you discover pests infiltrating the area beneath your home, you’re correct to take matters seriously. The presence of pests in your home, particularly in the crawl space, is a cause for concern. These assailants are attracted to the wet, dark areas beneath your floors, which can lead to substantial harm and unhealthy living conditions over time. 

JES Foundation Repair excels in identifying and remedying the root causes of these pest problems. For over a decade, we’ve been the trusted choice for homeowners across Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Northeast NC, and West Virginia, helping homeowners across the Mid-Atlantic create safer and healthier home environments. 

This page will enlighten you on why pests are attracted to your crawl space, the importance of rectifying these issues, and how our advanced crawl space encapsulation methods can assist you. 

What Are Crawl Space Pests? 

Pests in crawl spaces, such as insects, rodents, and various small animals, infiltrate the dark, moist, and secluded area under your home. 

Typical crawl space pests include: 

  • Spiders 
  • Termites 
  • Ants 
  • Cockroaches 
  • Millipedes 
  • Centipedes 
  • Crickets 
  • Silverfish 
  • Beetles 
  • Mice 
  • Rats 

These pests seek areas with high moisture levels and easy entry points. Once inside, they can nest in insulation, harm wooden structures, and promote further infestation, jeopardizing your home’s structural integrity and posing health risks due to their droppings, bacteria, and odors

Addressing this problem promptly is key to maintaining a safe and healthy home. 

Why Your Home Has Crawl Space Pests 

Common reasons for pest presence in your crawl space include: 

It’s vital to tackle these issues to deter pests and protect your home. JES Foundation Repair is adept at identifying and resolving these problems, offering custom solutions for your home’s protection. 

Can You Fix Pests in the Crawl Space? 

Certainly, it’s feasible to tackle crawl space pest issues, requiring an all-encompassing approach for effective and lasting results. 

While professional pest removal is important, it’s also necessary to address the underlying conditions attracting them. 

JES Foundation Repair focuses on establishing a healthier living environment through comprehensive crawl space encapsulation. This method tackles the root causes of pest infestations, making your crawl space less appealing and harder for pests to enter. 

How to Address Pests in Your Crawl Space 

Begin with professional extermination to control the infestation. Here’s how JES Foundation Repair aids post-extermination: 

Choosing JES Foundation Repair means opting for specialized solutions designed for your specific crawl space challenges, ensuring a safe and healthy environment. 

Why Address Pests in Crawl Space Now 

Prompt action against crawl space pests is crucial for several reasons, including: 

  • Preventing More Pests: An infested crawl space can attract additional pests, worsening the issue. 
  • Safeguarding Health: Pests leave behind waste and bacteria, posing health hazards. 
  • Avoiding Structural Harm: Pests can damage wood, incurring expensive repairs. 
  • Preserving Home Value: Dealing with pest problems helps maintain your home’s value. 

JES Foundation Repair’s unique solutions offer superior protection compared to others, ensuring a secure crawl space. 

Contact JES Foundation Repair for Dependable Crawl Space Solutions 

Don’t endure pests in your crawl space and home. Secure a healthy living environment for your family with JES Foundation Repair’s effective crawl space encapsulation solutions, customized to your home’s needs. 

Reach out to us for a free crawl space inspection and estimate. For years, homeowners across Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Northeast NC, and West Virginia have relied on our expertise to enhance their crawl spaces. Experience the confidence and comfort of a secure and safe crawl space with us.


Costs vary depending on damage severity, crawl space size, and necessary repairs. In a complimentary inspection, a JES Foundation Repair expert will suggest customized solutions and provide an accurate price estimate. We consider your budget and offer various financing options

We are not licensed exterminators. We recommend a professional pest control service for extermination, but we offer solutions to deter pests, including moisture control, dehumidification, and encapsulation. Contact us to learn more about our crawl space services and to book a free inspection.

Pests can spread diseases, damage wood, chew materials, and leave waste and odors, affecting your home’s structure and your family’s health. Contact JES Foundation Repair to schedule a free crawl space inspection and repair estimate.

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