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Crawl Space Sump Pump System

Not sure whether you need a sump pump in your crawl space? This solution is essential in keeping your crawl space dry. Don't settle for any old sump pump. Learn why we recommend the SafeDri™ Sump Pump System.

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crawl space sump pump

Do I Need a Sump Pump in My Crawl Space? 

Have you noticed unpleasant odors and increased humidity in your home? You could have a humid, wet, moldy, or flooded crawl space underneath your house. Along with being generally unpleasant, these conditions can have serious health effects. Mold loves nothing more than dark and damp areas like crawl spaces. More than 50% of the air within your home comes from the crawl space, so if there is mold growth and other hazards in this area of your home, you and your family are likely breathing them in. Mold can trigger and worsen asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems, so it’s important to eliminate the source and make sure your crawl space is a safe, healthy, and dry area. A free inspection with a JES crawl space expert can uncover any issues and find the best solutions to fix these problems. 

What Causes Crawl Space Leaking and Flooding? 

Water can leak into and flood your crawl space for a variety of reasons. The most common way has to do with the way your crawl space was originally designed – open crawl space vents. Crawl spaces were built with vents for the purpose of better airflow and drying the air, but that has proven to be an outdated and harmful practice. Open vents allow outside water, humid air, bugs, rodents, and other nuisances into the crawl space to cause a host of problems. 

 Along with having an unsealed crawl space, here are other factors that can contribute to crawl space flooding and moisture buildup: 

  • Puddling HVAC condensation 
  • Heavy rains 
  • Clogged footing drains  
  • Deteriorated exterior waterproof coatings 
  • Poorly pitched landscape 
  • Clogged gutters and misaligned downspouts 

You can attempt to address these contributing factors to help reduce flooding and moisture, but the only permanent solution is a properly designed water collection and evacuation system. And the SafeDri™ Sump Pump System can be part of the solution. Read on to learn more about this essential piece of the crawl space waterproofing puzzle that JES can install for you! 


What Does a Crawl Space Waterproofing System Look Like? 

A comprehensive crawl space solution includes the following: 

  • CrawlDrain™ is installed to catch leaking water. 
  • Water is directed to a sump pump system to be pumped out of the crawl space. 
  • Drainage matting placed on the floor helps direct water to the perimeter CrawlDrain™ system. 
  • CrawlSeal™ moisture and vapor barrier fully encapsulates the crawl space. 
crawl space sump pump

The heart of the waterproofing system is a reliable, long-lasting sump pump. The JES family of SafeDri™ Sump Pumps provides options to meet whatever level of waterproofing protection your home requires. JES SafeDri™ Sump Pump Systems are available in several sizes and configurations, depending on if the application is for a crawl space, moderate seepage in a basement, or a more serious flooding issue that requires industrial-strength support. 

While the SafeDri™ Pro 330 system is specifically intended for crawl space use, any of these JES SafeDri™ Sump Pump Systems can be installed to help keep your crawl space dry: 

  • SafeDri Pro 330 – Compact basin, ideal for most crawl spaces 
  • SafeDri™ ProPlus 330 – Large basin for more water draw, ideal for most basements and some larger crawl spaces 
  • SafeDri™ ProPlus with Battery Backup System – All the benefits of the SafeDri™ Pro and ProPlus with the added protection of an upgraded pump and a battery backup system 
  • SafeDri™ UltraPro Triple Sump Pump System – Similar to the ProPlus with Backup Battery, also with an added third pump 

Key Features of the JES SafeDri™ Crawl Space Sump Pump System

  • Top-rated SafeDri™ cast iron pumps
  • Provides high-volume pumping when needed
  • SafeDri™ backup battery available option
  • Built-in alarm alerts when the water level rises too high
  • Space-saving design
  • Child-safe sump pump cover deters pests, odors, and radon gas

We Are Here To Help!

Dry out your crawl space for good and create a safer and healthier home today! Learn more about the JES’ SafeDri™ Sump Pump system and if it is the right solution for your crawl space by scheduling a free inspection with one of our professional consultants. 

We’re here to help you find the perfect solution for your home, and remedy any moisture and water issues in your crawl space.

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