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Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair in Danville, VA

Basement and crawl space waterproofing, foundation support, and PolyRenewal Injections for concrete lifting will help combat the Virginia rain.

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Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in Danville, VA

Homeowners in Danville, VA are no stranger to rain all throughout the seasons. In fact, this city experiences about 44.6 inches of rain annually. Although it rains year-round, the amount varies. Rain tends to pick up in the spring months and peaks in the summer. Furthermore, despite only averaging 5.3 inches of snowfall per year during the winter, this can still contribute to the sheer volume of water that falls and can accumulate within the city.

What some homeowners may not be aware of is that the type of soil that dominates the state isn’t compatible with year-round precipitation. This is due to certain characteristics and capabilities of the soil, such as water retention and water drainage. The state soil of Virginia is what is known as Pamunkey soil, a combination soil that consists of a sandy loam surface and a sandy clay loam subsoil underneath. Under constant exposure to precipitation, basements and crawl spaces in Danville, VA, are vulnerable to water intrusion from the outside, thus, paving the way for a multitude of problems. The experts at JES can help to repair these problems, such as:

  • Leaks
  • Flooding
  • Crack formation
  • Bowed in walls
  • Wood rot
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Pests

Foundation Repair in Danville, VA

cost to repair your foundation

Your foundation may also be vulnerable to structural and water damages due to the climate and the soil in Danville, VA. Typically, home foundations are constructed from concrete. Given enough time and under continuous exposure to water, despite how strong and durable concrete can be, water can always chip away at the structural integrity of concrete. Water also tends to weaken soil around foundation concrete beds, which may lead to other problems. This is not something that homeowners can always avoid entirely but knowing that your home is in a vulnerable spot is a good starting point to preventing these issues from forming or worsening.

Fortunately, JES offers a wide variety of solutions for foundation repairs and protection. Whether it is a structural issue or a support problem, the experts can help you select the appropriate solution to your specific problem. Some of the foundation repair services include support for failing foundations, such as the various Pier Systems, the IntelliJack™, and the IntelliBrace, foundation wall support, such as the Carbon Fiber System, and, of course, basic foundation wall repairs. The options may seem overwhelming, but the experts at JES will be able to help you decide what works best to solve the problem at hand, while also considering your individual needs.

Concrete Lifting in Danville, VA

The presence of water all year round, whether it be in the form of rainwater or snow, can prove quite problematic for the concrete around your home. This is mainly because excess water tends to take a toll on the soil beneath concrete beds. Over long periods of time and continuous exposure to rain and snow, the soil underneath your concrete can become weakened, compressed, and settle to lower levels. These soil problems can result in the following concrete issues:

  • Sunken concrete slabs
  • Cracked or broken concrete
  • Uneven concrete
Playing basketball in driveway

Expert contractors at JES know just how common concrete lifting services are, especially if you live in Danville, VA, where the need for concrete repairs can be quite frequent. Fortunately, the concrete leveling services offered at JES can be applied to all of your concrete needs, whether the problem is in your front yard, your driveway, porch, backyard, or even your pool deck. The primary solution used to lift concrete is the PolyRenewal™ Injection Foam, which has many useful characteristics that make it long-lasting, durable, and reliable. It also works to prevent future issues that may arise, which is especially useful for homeowners in Danville, VA, because the rain and snow does not stop for anyone.


About Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & Crawl Spaces in Danville, VA

The state soil of Virginia is Pamunkey soil. Pamunkey soil gets its name from the Pamunkey Indian Nation that lived alongside the river where the soil originated from. This soil type is characterized to have a sandy loam surface, but a sandy, clay loam subsoil underneath this surface. Because of this, the soil of Danville, VA has different characteristics that can affect the need for basement, crawl space, foundation, or concrete repairs. Unfortunately, the way that Pamunkey soil interacts with water makes it very likely that repairs or additional tools will be needed to maintain your home.

The sandy loam surface is the least problematic compared to the sandy clay subsurface. Sandy loam soil filters and drains water relatively well, making it one of the more ideal soils to work with. This is because sandy loam soil particles are finer in texture and much smaller compared to other soil particles. However, because the soil particles are so small, sandy loam soils are more likely to be eroded, or washed away, by water or wind. Since Danville, VA experiences high amounts of rain all throughout the year, soil erosion is likely to happen very frequently, resulting in many problems that will require expert contractors to inspect.

Sandy clay soil is entirely different from sandy loam soil. Clay soil particles are much larger in size and are unable to drain water through them very well. Additionally, in the presence of water, clay soil particles swell to double or triple their original size, which causes other soil particles within the vicinity to shift around. When soil shifts around, it weakens it immensely, ultimately altering its support capabilities for your home. The condition of your basement, crawl space, foundation, and your concrete will reflect this.

Both soil erosion and soil swelling can change the way that your soil can support your home structures. With soil erosion, water or wind washes soil levels to lower than normal, which can be very problematic for your home. For instance, when soil gets washed away underneath concrete beds, this can leave voids, or gaps, which can cause your concrete to crack or sink—given enough time. Depleted soil levels can also invite rainwater and melted snow deeper underground, thus, increasing the likelihood that water will encroach upon your crawl space, basement, and foundation. Water entering any of these areas can lead to cracks, rotted wood, leaks, and potential floods.

Repeated swelling and shrinking of sandy clay soil particles can also cause similar problems in your home. Aside from causing concrete to crack or sink or water damage to your home space, swell-shrink cycles of sandy clay soil can also result in 2 common phenomena known as the Clay Bowl Effect and Hydrostatic Pressure. Both phenomena are caused by weakened soil that allows water to accumulate in large volumes around homeowner’s crawl spaces, basements, and foundations. Although drastic damage takes a significant amount of time to form from either the Clay Bowl Effect or Hydrostatic Pressure, you still want to be protected as soon as possible to prevent major problems. 

In order for your house to be built, contractors must excavate the earth to form a hole in which they can work. After completion of your home’s foundation and basement, this hole is refilled with surrounding soils. However, this soil is a lot weaker than the denser, untouched soil and, as a result, absorbs water much more readily, forming a “clay bowl” of water directly surrounding your house. The Clay Bowl Effect can actually pave the way for hydrostatic pressure, or pressure by large quantities of water upon your home structures. Hydrostatic pressure is quite common around basement and foundation walls, where it causes them to buckle or bow inwards.

If you are interested specifically in basement waterproofing or repairs, JES offers various services and products that can be catered to your needs. The most basic service that is offered by the expert contractors are basement floor and wall crack repairs, or leaky window repairs. For more waterproofing, there are a wide variety of interior drainage systems to choose from: the BasementGutter™ Below Floor Drain, the BasementGutter™ IOS Iron Ochre Perimeter Drain, and the BasementGutter™ Grated Drain Pipe. To ensure the protection of your basement against the elements, JES also offers waterproof wall systems and powerful sump pumps. Dehumidifiers and basement insulation are also offered for even more basement maintenance.

There are also specialized products to repair and protect your crawl space issues as well. If you are having support problems in your crawl space, the patented IntelliJack™, a crawl space support jack, is the perfect solution for you! There are also many waterproofing products as well, such as a vapor barrier, drainage matting, sump pumps, and an energy efficient dehumidifier. Because your crawl space is also important for maintaining the temperatures and air quality inside your home, JES also offers crawl space thermal insulation to be installed. 

You may be curious as to why there are separate, but similar, products offered for basements and crawl spaces. Although it is true that JES also has waterproof wall liners, sump pumps, and dehumidifiers for both basements and crawl spaces, it is quite useful to have the option to choose from both, depending on the specific problems you want to address, as well as the severity of those problems. For instance, the basic SafeDri™ Sump Pump System for basements functions more or less the same as the SafeDri™ Crawl Space Sump Pump System, but the latter was designed to fit inside your small crawl space. Furthermore, you may want to install wall Vapor Barriers or dehumidifiers in both your basement and crawl space to maximize dryness and minimize the risk of water damage anywhere in your home.

JES has 3 different types of Pier Systems that all serve to support your foundation from below: the Helical Pier System, the Push Pier System, and the Slab Pier System. The Helical Pier System pushes against your foundation structure from below the ground, providing strong, long lasting support. The Push Pier System is optimal for homeowners that are unaware of the soil conditions below their foundation, however, it functions in more or less the same way that the Helical Pier System does. The Slab Pier System works doubly to repair your foundation and lift your concrete all at once.

For foundation wall repairs, there are 2 possible options to choose from: the Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing System and the IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System. The Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing System utilizes a polymer-reinforced fiber that is 10 times stronger than steel, therefore, preventing bowed in foundation walls from becoming worse. There is also no external excavation needed to install the Carbon Fiber Wall, so installation is quick and clean. The IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System is a more permanent solution and is able to both correct bowed walls and straighten them back into place over time. Although there is no external excavation necessary, installation does require that contractors attach steel I-beams to your wall.

For homeowners interested in repairing sunken foundation floors, the IntelliJack™ Floor Stabilization is the perfect solution! The IntelliJack™ support jacks are constructed from galvanized steel, a rust and corrosion resistant metal. This way, your foundation floors can be supported for a long period of time without worrying about future damage or problems. It is also capable of supporting total weights up to 24,000 pounds per support jack. Homeowners no longer have to worry about uneven or sunken foundation floors or walls ever again.

The PolyRenewal™Injection Foam is patented by JES to fulfill all your concrete damage and concrete lifting needs. You may be surprised as to why there is only one main solution for concrete lifting that is provided, however, once you recognize the amazing features of the PolyRenewal™ Injection, you will be left without a doubt in mind why it is the only offered solution.

The PolyRenewal is able to repair damaged concrete in addition to restoring sunken concrete slabs back to their original position. It is able to do this due to the strong, yet lightweight polyurethane material that it is made of, which expands upon injection, filling every crevice and lifting heavy concrete slabs with ease. The PolyRenewal Injection Foam is also able to stabilize and strengthen weakened soils beneath heavy concrete beds, to help ensure that your concrete will not become damaged again in the future. Remember, weakened soils due to repetitive swell-shrink cycles or decreased soil levels due to soil erosion can make concrete crack or break. The PolyRenewal combats this from ever happening again by permanently aiding the soil that is left.

Traditional methods, namely mud jacking, for concrete repair and lifting are becoming quite outdated. In fact, mud jacking is seen as a more temporary solution, rather than something more long term, because it does not address the root cause of concrete issues. Mud jacking utilizes a mixture of mud, sand, cement, and certain stones— better known as slurry—to repair broken concrete and lift it back to its original position. However, this slurry is rather heavy, and can make your concrete problems worse in the long run by compressing down on the soil underneath your concrete even more. Compressed concrete is unable to support concrete beds very well and may form even more voids. In the long run, concrete beds “repaired” with mud jacking will become damaged once again, causing you to call for more repairs.

Determining the warning signs of foundation problems tends to be a bit tricky for homeowners. It can often be confused with general structural issues that can be fixed with simple solutions that you can do right at home. However, DIY repairs are always highly discouraged because it can be risky and cause potential injury.

Some of the warning signs of foundation problems include: 

  • Sinking settlements
  • Tilted chimneys
  • Buckled or cracked walls
  • Wood rot around your home perimeter
  • Sagging floors
  • Uneven doorways and window frames

The foundation of your home is named the foundation for a reason. It is responsible for maintaining many of the structures within your home. Usually, when there is a problem sign in one place, another may appear. It is important to keep an eye out before more drastic problems occur.

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