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How PolyRenewal Foam Injections Protect Your Concrete

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Taking care of your home on a normal day is stressful enough. What are you supposed to do if you realize that the concrete around your property, like your driveway or patio, has cracked and slipped out of place?

At JES Foundation Repair, we have a number of home-saving solutions available. One such solution you may want to take advantage of is a PolyRenewal concrete leveling injection.

Typically, contractors use this injection to secure cracking and settling exterior concrete like porches and driveways. However, if you have a cracked slab foundation floor, sinking patio, or another concrete-related problem, you may be able to use this versatile solution to your advantage.

What Is PolyRenewal and a PolyRenewal Injection?

PolyRenewal serves as an updated version of mudjacking, a process originally used to help secure wayward concrete slabs into their original places. Mudjacking is still used to secure some homes, but PolyRenewal allows contractors to perform the same work with less construction and labor.

What, then, is PolyRenewal and a PolyRenewal injection? PolyRenewal itself is an expanding foam that foundation and basement contractors can inject into a concrete driveway, sidewalk, back porch, or similar structure. Upon its injection, this foam will lift up slipping concrete and secure it into place.

That’s not all PolyRenewal can do, though. Foundation and basement repair contractors who get creative can also use this expanding foam to level interior concrete slabs and restore slipping concrete slabs by lifting them back into place.

Different contractors will go about their injections in different ways. In general, though, most contractors will take the following four steps to use PolyRenewal around your home:

  1. Drill holes large enough for the injections in your existing concrete, usually about the size of a penny.
  2. Insert the injection ports.
  3. Begin the injection process, filling the void between the concrete and ground with environmentally-friendly PolyRenewal foam.
  4. Seal and smooth over the injection points.

These steps, of course, are primarily used to lift a concrete slab after it’s started to sink. Alternative uses of PolyRenewal will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Injections, thus, will differ depending on what’s being fixed, its size, and the age of the home involved.

The Advantage of PolyRenewal

PolyRenewal, as mentioned, is an updated version of mudjacking. What do these injections have, though, that other concrete repairs and lifting processes don’t?

The benefits of PolyRenewal injections are many and include: 

  • Long-Term Waterproofing

You can blame most concrete shifting and damage on water-logged soil underneath. When rainwater gets into contact with your concrete, it can wash out and erode the soil that once supported the concrete slabs. The slabs will then start to sink and crack. The good news is that PolyRenewal foam is waterproof, meaning that after it’s been injected under your concrete, you won’t have to worry about water damaging the stability of your home again.

  • Long-Term Chemical Resistance

Are you worried that your weedkiller or a chemical spill may compromise the structural integrity of the concrete on your property? Never fear. PolyRenewal foam not only keeps these elements out, but it doesn’t react to their presence. This means your concrete slabs will remain secure.

  • Short Cure Time

While the cure time of your PolyRenewal foam will vary based on its use and the size of the problem at hand, this foam typically cures within 15-30 minutes of its initial injection. That means you can walk or drive on newly repaired concrete shortly afterward, and won’t have to wait days to do so, like with other repair or replacement measures. 

When To Use PolyRenewal Foam Leveling on Your Concrete

PolyRenewal is a flexible waterproofing, concrete lifting measure you can readily take advantage of. When, though, is it time to reach out to the professionals in your area?

Keep an eye out for some of the following, though, and you should be able to tell when something’s gone amiss: 

Secure Your Home with PolyRenewal Injections

boy playing tennis on concrete driveway

PolyRenewal foam injections present a swift, efficient, and durable remedy to these concerns, ensuring your home remains secure, stable, and visually appealing.

Contact JES Foundation Repair for a comprehensive inspection and a complimentary quote. With our specialized knowledge and experience, they can address the specific needs of your property, providing a tailored solution that brings lasting results.

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