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Meet The Team

Having Professional Engineers on staff is not an industry standard. JES believes that the expertise of a Professional Engineer is required to design the best solution for structural repair, new commercial construction underpinning, waterproofing and moisture management.


Certified Field Inspectors

Dewayne Owens, General Manager
Sean Wang, Sales Manager
Patrick Begley
Dave Kaufmann
David Krump
Thomas Meewes


Certified Field Inspectors

Brad Hibbard, General Manager

Nick Feaster, Sales Manager

Kyle Clayton

Brian Donald

Jeff Doyle

Barry Kennedy

Michael Lemcke

Jeffrey Oliver

Eric Oliver
Eric Oliver

Dietrech Parcells

Christian Segaar

Joshua Tuthill

Andrew Presing

George Applin
Alejandro Ardila


Certified Field Inspectors

Terri Buress, General Manager

Brandon Barlow-Spry, Sales Manager

Steve Hayes
Steve Hayes

Joe Caruso

Logan Lemcke

Tyler Lemcke

Andrew Minnix

William Peterson
Wiliams Petersen

Chris Tibbs

Steven Demshar
Jamie Fields


Certified Field Inspectors

James Teixeira
General Manager
Chris McLaughlin, Sales Manager
Michael Burgess
Howard Glancy
Philip Canter
Jay Hyman
Russ Nagel
Todd Simmons
Arturo Grandon
Jose Amaya Velasco
Christian Tesi
Lance Ziolkowski

Virginia Beach

Certified Field Inspectors

Brady Howard, General Manager

Brian Stocks, Sales Manager

Collin Dozier
Babak Beheshtzadeh
Charles Davis headshot 2020
Charles Davis
Sam Hunter headshot 2020
Samuel Hunter
Chris Yi headshot 2020
Chris Yi
Ian Parnell headshot 2020
Ian Parnell
Jeff Garber headshot 2020
Jeff Garber
Josh Sigmon
Eric Shea headshot 2020
Eric Shea
Charles Wilson headshot 2020
Charles Wilson
Aaron Moore headshot 2020
Aaron Moore
Chad Edwards headshot 2020
Chad Edwards
Christian Distler-Caravetta head shot 2020
Christian Distler-Caravetta
James Limcaoco headshot 2020
James Limcaoco
Michael Beck headshot 2020
Michael Beck
Chris Scott
Philip Wilson headshot 2020
Philip Wilson
Tylor Jeffries headshot 2020
Tylor Jeffries
Terry Garmon headshot 2020
Terry Garmon
Trevor Knowles headshot 2020
Trevor Knowles


Certified Field Inspectors

Thom Ayres, General Manager
Kurt Giantonio, Certified Field Inspector
Kade Monell, Certified Field Inspector
Travis Austin, Certified Field Inspector
William Greear, Certified Field Inspector
Logan Lemcke, Certified Field Inspector
Todd Legere, Certified Field Inspector
Tyler Barr, Certified Field Inspector
Matt Price, Certified Field Inspector
Tyler Fields, Certified Field Inspector