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Uneven Floors

Uneven flooring is a tell-tale sign of foundation concerns. At JES Foundation Repair, we’ve brought stability to numerous homes troubled by uneven floors due to foundation sinking, complications in crawl spaces, and other foundational disturbances. 

Our skilled team is adept at determining the reasons behind your uneven flooring. They suggest the most efficient foundation repair methods to bring balance and solidity to your home. 

Understanding Uneven Floors 

Uneven floors manifest when the floor inside a house is not uniformly level. This causes disparity in the floor’s height in various parts, resulting in an unsteady walking area. Concurrent issues might include doors that jam, cracks in the walls, and noticeable gaps between floors and skirting boards. 

Uneven floors typically arise when the foundation of your home settles or moves. Causes can range from foundation shifts, dampness in crawl spaces, or other foundational complications. If overlooked, the severity of uneven floors can magnify over time. 

Root Causes of Uneven Floors 

1. Settling of Foundation 

The foundation tends to settle when the ground beneath your residence moves, causing your foundation to descend, often by several inches. This differential settling can negatively impact your home. Natural causes like the cyclical expansion and contraction of soil due to moisture absorption and evaporation are frequent culprits. 

2. Degradation of Floor Joists 

In homes with crawl spaces, the durability of floor joists that support the floor can diminish over time. Moisture-induced damage is a leading cause of uneven floors in such homes. Without proper encapsulation, crawl spaces can accumulate moisture, which can then lead to wood rot, making floors sag

Consistent inspection of your crawl space for dampness and mold is crucial. Encapsulation can ward off moisture accumulation, ensuring the strength of your joists. Promptly addressing any issues can thwart further deterioration and ensure the safety of your residence. 

Identifying the primary cause is key to permanently solving the issue of uneven floors. Our experts meticulously inspect foundational elements to detect the exact problem. 

Can Uneven Floors be Repaired? 

Absolutely! Once the root cause is correctly identified and addressed, uneven floors can be amended. The technique used will vary based on the foundation type of your dwelling. 

How to Repair Uneven Floors 

At JES Foundation Repair, we cater to diverse foundation types and utilize tried-and-tested methods to firm up and potentially lift your floors: 

After targeting the fundamental issues, we also mend any cosmetic damage resulting from uneven floors. 

Why Address Uneven Floors Promptly? 

Acting without delay to amend uneven floors can: 

  • Prevent structural damage from escalating 
  • Improve safety by eradicating tripping hazards 
  • Stop associated issues like jammed doors and drywall cracks 
  • Enhance property worth by potentially restoring level floors 
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home’s foundation is sound 

At JES Foundation Repair, we have the experience and engineered solutions to ensure a permanent solution to uneven floors. Reach out to book your free estimate

Choose JES Foundation Repair for Uneven Floor Solutions 

Should you detect uneven or sloping floors in your home, don’t put off reaching out for professional intervention. JES Foundation Repair has the expertise to uncover the root issue and design a custom plan to tackle your foundation problem. Contact us today for a free inspection and no-obligation quote – your home cannot afford to wait!   


While it is hard to prevent natural ground movements, ensuring proper encapsulation of crawl spaces to avoid moisture accumulation can help in mitigating the degradation of floor joists and subsequent floor unevenness.

Yes, aside from foundation settling and degradation of floor joists, uneven floors can also arise due to other issues such as termite damage, poor construction, plumbing leaks, or natural disasters that have affected the ground stability. In some older homes, uneven floors may be a result of prolonged natural settling over time. It is essential to have a professional identify the exact cause to ensure that the appropriate solution is applied to fix the uneven floors. 

The time it takes to repair a crawl space can vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage and the specific repairs needed. Generally, a crawl space repair can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. At JES Foundation Repair, we strive to conduct repairs efficiently without compromising on the quality of our work. During your free inspection, we will provide a more accurate timeframe for your particular project. 


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