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Wall Anchors

JES Wall Anchors extend away from your home into stable and hard-packed soil, anchoring against the soil while bracing the foundation wall. This system stops any movement towards your home.

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Your foundation’s longevity is directly tied to the overall longevity of your home. Should something start to affect your foundation, you can bet that it will affect the rest of your house as well. Oftentimes, however, homeowners will not be able to detect any issues within their foundation until it is too late. 

Complete foundation replacement can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can avoid such costly repairs by bracing your foundation walls with wall anchors. Wall anchors are specifically designed to rest within stable soil and prevent it from moving closer to your home. They also help support your foundation’s walls so they do not slip or shift. 

Your foundation’s continued stability is important, but you cannot install wall anchors into your soil yourself. Luckily, JES Foundation Repair will install reliable wall anchors into the soil surrounding your foundation for you. These foundation experts will easily identify any problem signs and implement a repair plan unique to your home. 

Let’s take a closer look at what causes your foundation to falter and how installing wall anchors can help.

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How Will I Know If My Foundation Needs Wall Anchors?

Foundation deterioration is subtle but easily preventable if you know what to look for. Watching for the following problem signs can prevent any existing issues from growing worse. 

  • Leaking 

Your home’s foundation is meant to keep your home elevated above compact soil. This soil is susceptible to soaking up a lot of moisture, especially if you live in a damp climate. Your foundation should block out any moisture that tries to creep through to your basement. 

However, if you notice your basement walls or pipes starting to leak, this could be a sign that your foundation is starting to weaken. Leaks should not be ignored no matter how tiny they are. They have the capacity to flood your basement if you continue to leave them be. 

  • Cracks 

Finding cracks along your basement floor or walls is often a signal that something is very wrong within your foundation. It is possible that your foundation has moved a bit from where it was originally laid. 

The sudden lack of support might then cause your basement floor or walls to crack and collapse. 

The foundation itself might be cracked from outside pressure, and these cracks might have expanded to adversely affect your basement floor and walls as well. 

  • Leaning Walls 

Your walls should not tilt or lean in any way whatsoever. The foundation is made specifically to prevent your home from swaying in such a dangerous manner. Leaning or tilting walls are often a sign that your foundation has also shifted or weakened in some way. 

  •  Sticking Windows and Doors 

A shifted or cracked foundation can affect the alignment of your windowsills and doorways. These must be kept straight so your windows and doors can open and close without any issues. You will know there is an issue with your home’s foundation when you find yourself exerting more effort to slide open a window or door than usual.

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What Causes Foundations to Shift or Crack?

Though many home foundations nowadays are made out of concrete, this does not make them entirely invulnerable to wear over the years. Whether it is the natural elements, construction defects, or age, the cause of foundation damage is fairly simple to pinpoint. How do these factors negatively affect your foundation?  

  • Hydrostatic Pressure 

Hydrostatic pressure is unfortunately a common occurrence. Moisture will infiltrate the soil around your foundation. Often, the soil will take on more water than it should. The combination of soil and water puts heavy pressure on your foundation. If this pressure is strong enough, the foundation may even shift or crack. 

  • Clay Bowl Effect 

The method contractors use to construct home foundations may also play a part in your current foundational issues. The foundation is one of the first components of a home that is built. Contractors will typically dig a large hole where they will place your foundation as well as the floor and walls of your basement. They then backfill some of the soil around your foundation and basement, thus forming a sort of “clay bowl” around it. 

It is very likely for this looser soil to be washed away in a severe storm. Without this fundamental support holding it up, your foundation will settle and crack. 

  • Age 

Years and years of enduring the elements, adding more and more weight inside your home, and constantly walking over it can cause your foundation to wear down. Though you may not be able to entirely prevent this eventual wear, installing wall anchors can brace your foundation to weather any storms or damage it may take over the years.

Increase Foundation Wall Stability with Wall Anchors

Leaks, cracks and bowing walls are all troubling problems, but not anything wall anchors cannot fix. The foundation experts at JES Foundation Repair will install wall anchors beneath your soil to restabilize your home’s foundation. 

These anchors are not simple props that keep your foundation from collapsing. They are specifically designed to repair any foundational issues your home is facing. They will also brace your foundation against any potential damage it may face in the future. 

Contractors and engineers alike have implemented foundation wall anchor systems since the late 1970s. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development also recommends homeowners install these systems should their foundation face any issues. How can a reliable wall anchor system save your foundation? 

  • Repairs Leaning Walls and Cracks 

Wall anchors do more than straighten out your leaning walls. They will also close up any detrimental cracks sprouting throughout your foundation, whether diagonal, horizontal, vertical, or tricky stair-step ones. 

The wall anchor system is installed into the stable and hard-packed soil away from your foundation. It extends away from your house to stop any movement from wet soil or moisture from crowding around your home to break your foundation. 

Experts will also tighten and adjust these anchors in your home in very precise measurements to ensure your foundation’s walls shift back to their original positions. 

  • Tailor-Made for Your Unique Foundation Situation 

Each home’s foundation issues are unique. You need a support system that can adjust to your foundation’s specific needs. JES Foundation Repair’s wall anchors are custom-made to best repair your particular foundation’s problem areas. 

  • Cost-Effective Solution 

Installing a wall anchor system can not only save your foundation but your money as well. Completely replacing a foundation wall after it has retained significant damage costs an exorbitant amount of money and time that you may not be able to afford. 

Installation is quick and mess-free, with minimal disruption to your basement and landscaping to boot. With a lifetime guarantee of durability, you can rest assured knowing that the JES Foundation Repair Wall Anchor system will stabilize and protect your foundation from any and all damage it faces.

Wall Anchors


It is easy to spot if something is wrong with your foundation if you know where to look. However, the average homeowner might not know what types of repairs are needed. Foundation experts can help you determine which repairs are best to either support or otherwise fix your shifted or cracked foundation. 

  • Wall Anchors 

Wall anchors are typically used as support braces against any movement that would damage your foundation. They will also work to straighten out your foundation as well as close up any cracks that have formed along the way. Unfortunately, these anchors can only repair so much damage. Foundations with significant cracks, shifting, settling or overall damage may require other repair solutions to be replaced completely if they are beyond repair. 

Due to the delicate nature of foundation repair and the soil surrounding it, homeowners should not attempt to take wall anchor installation on as a DIY project. You run the risk of further ruining your foundation or the loose soil around it. You may also accidentally damage any water mains or your landscaping in the process as well. 

The experts at JES Foundation Repair have the right equipment and know-how for this tough job. We can do so without disturbing your landscaping or any other important systems connected to your home. Leave the complicated installation process to us and reap the benefits of a more stable foundation today. 

  • Total Foundation Repair 

If you have allowed your foundation to continue taking significant damage over the years, even a solid wall anchor system will not be able to help. Total foundation repair is costly and may take months to accomplish, but it is necessary for maintaining the structural integrity of your home. 

This is why it is important that you have your foundation inspected yearly. Catching small problem signs early on can prevent irreparable damage and costly repairs in the future. A foundation expert at JES Foundation Repair will be able to tell when the damage is too far gone for wall anchors and recommend different options.

Wall anchors are just one option foundation experts can use to stabilize your foundation. The experts at JES Foundation Repair may also install a few other systems depending on how bowed or damaged your basement or foundation walls are. 

  • Carbon-Fiber Wall Straps 

Foundation experts may install a carbon-fiber wall reinforcement system within your basement. This system is largely comprised of a fiber-reinforced polymer laid flat against your basement’s walls to better secure your foundation’s infrastructure. This polymer uses a powerful epoxy resin to strap to your basement walls and brace them against any outside pressure. This solution is 10 times stronger than steel, so you can rest assured that it will not break under any duress. 

Keep in mind that the wall reinforcement system resides within your basement, so you will see it at work. Fortunately, it will not take up much space within your basement. You can safely paint over or cover this system with wall panels should you wish to as well. 

  • IntelliBrace™ System 

Unfortunately, carbon-fiber wall straps only serve to prevent an already bowed wall from breaking in further. If your walls have already bowed in more than two inches, these straps will not work quite as well. You need to implement the IntelliBrace™ I-beam system instead. 

These beams are a lightweight but powerful solution that is typically installed where you cannot fit wall anchors. Wall anchors typically need sufficient yard space in order to brace your basement and foundation walls effectively. However, if you do not have this space and your walls are bowed at a certain level, a foundation expert will recommend this system instead. 

Of course, if you want a more discreet solution and you do have the allotted yard space, then wall anchors are the way to go. Be sure to ask a foundation expert what solution is best for your home’s particular needs if you are having foundational issues.

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Bracing your foundation to face any kind of weather can be difficult for many homeowners to do on their own. That’s where the foundation experts at JES Foundation Repair can help.

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