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Foundation Repair Solutions

Foundation issues can affect nearly every home. Thankfully, plenty of foundation repair solutions exist to combat any problems that arise.

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Foundations are one of the most common parts of a home to experience structural damage. This occurrence is usually due to weak soil that cannot support a home’s foundation. Not to mention, foundation damage can arise for both new and old homes. Despite the possibility of experiencing this type of damage, there are plenty of solutions that protect against foundation issues.  

Our Foundation Repair Solutions

At JES, we have the tools needed to repair and defend against foundation problems. Through implementing any of these solutions, your foundation stays protected for years, and your home avoids any damage related to foundation stress.  

Pier Systems

Since foundation problems often stem from weak soil, our pier systems make it possible for your foundation to stop relying on that weak soil altogether. Piers are long galvanized steel rods that properly redistribute the weight of your home. They come in three varieties: 

In order to properly redistribute the weight, the piers are inserted into load-bearing soils deep below the ground that are unaffected by weather, drought, or construction. Due to the strength of these deep soils, the weight of your foundation becomes well supported and unmovable. Plus, any open cracks will close as the foundation returns to its original position. 

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors also take advantage of strong soils deep below the ground to stabilize your foundation. This tool is often used to repair cracked or bowing basement walls that have been affected by hydrostatic pressure, but they also work with other foundation types.  

Wall anchors are installed beneath the soil and extend horizontally into load-bearing soils. Much like piers, these tools close any open cracks and offer unwavering support to your foundation.  

IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System

Another stabilizing solution comes in the form of our specialized I-beams known as the IntelliBrace™ wall repair system. These beams work best for basements experiencing wall issues. These rigid beams are installed with a specialized bracket that can be tightened over time to slowly move cracked or bowing walls back into their original positions.  

IntelliBrace™ often works best for properties that may not allow exterior wall repair to take place, as installation takes place completely indoors. Our beams span the entire length of your basement wall and straighten walls at even the most extreme bowing angles.  

Don’t Let Foundation Damage Cause More Issues. JES Experts Can Help! 

If you’ve started to notice wall cracks, bowing walls, uneven floors, or sticking windows and doors, these can be indicative signs of foundation failure. If left unchecked, these warning signs may lead to complete structural failure around your home.  

If you think that your foundation is in trouble, contact us for a free comprehensive inspection of your home. At JES Foundation Repair, we use proven products and solutions to restore and repair your foundation for good!  

We’re proud to serve Baltimore, Charlottesville, Roanoke, and the Washington DC & Northern Virginia Metro Area.  

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