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Foundation Repair Causes

At JES, our experts have pinpointed some reasons why your foundation could be crumbling. Learn the 4 most common, and how we can help you today.

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Common Foundation Repair Causes

Tree Roots

Tree removal and foundation repair

For many homeowners, trees are planted on the property before purchase—so you can’t control the placement. So, when your property has a large tree or an excess amount of large foliage around the foundation, it can have an effect on your home. Tree roots can shift the soil beneath your home as they spread out in search of water and moisture; this can in turn cause cracking walls, bowing basement walls, and more. Even as the tree roots may die or disintegrate, they can leave behind air pockets which allow your home to sink further into the earth.   

When you’re dealing with this issue, tree removal may be your best option, along with a pier system to straighten out your home’s structure. 


Sandy or silt-like soil, while not expansive, makes for a weak foundational support . This issue tends to be common in coastal areas where sandy soil is more common. Since this sand or silt isn’t firmly or densely packed, water flows easily through it. This causes a lot of movement in the soil beneath your home, which will in turn progress into the cracking and crumbing of your home, as the soil beneath the foundation can’t sustain the weight.  

These issues mainly plague the coast where slab and crawl space foundations are the majority. For these foundation types, crawl space support jacks or slab piers can act as permanent relief for your suffering foundation.

Expansive Soil

soil under my foundation

Expansive soils like clay, which become  more prominent the further inland you go, are a major culprit for foundation issues. Expansive soils are named after their tendency to expand after encountering water. When your area is hit with a major rainstorm, this will cause the soil to expand and inflict pressure onto your foundation walls. The inverse occurs when the weather is dry. Expansive clay soil shrinks, creating air pockets that can accelerate foundation settlement and sinking.  

Expansive soils can cause your home to sink, and if you have a basement, you likely experience cracking and bowing. At JES, we have top-of-the-line structural support solutions like wall braces, wall anchors, helical piers, and more. 

Standing Water

high water table

A major catalyst for foundation issues is standing water around your foundation, as excess  water can aggravate and accelerate the previously mentioned causes. Standing water around your foundation can be caused by many things, one of which being a faulty or poorly functioning gutter system. A negatively graded yard can also cause this issue, meaning your yard slightly slopes downward, toward your home.  

To help the soil around your home retain water, you can opt for an interior drainage system or a sump pump, which can help safeguard your crawl space or basement from overwhelming amounts of water. 

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At JES, our number one goal is to empower you with knowledge about your foundation. When our trained experts inspect your home, they’ll pinpoint the source of what’s plaguing your foundation and give you a transparent and free quote for repairs. Getting started is easy with JES—learn more today.

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