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Basement Dehumidifier

Don’t let excess humidity, mold, and unpleasant odors undermine the safety and comfort of your home. With JES Foundation Repair, industry-leading solutions are within your reach! 

We proudly present our innovative AquaStop™ Air System, a top-tier dehumidifier and filtration unit designed to curb excess humidity and foster a balanced atmosphere in your basement. 

As experts in basement waterproofing and humidity control across the Mid-Atlantic region, including Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Northeast NC, and West Virginia, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions that enhance the well-being and tranquility of your living space. Discover our range of offerings and see how they can improve your home’s environment and help protect your home’s foundation. 

What is JES’s Advanced AquaStop™ Air System? 

JES’s AquaStop™ Air System is a revolutionary solution crafted to tackle basement humidity effectively. This system is designed to extract up to 100 pints of water from the air daily while circulating over 300 cubic feet of purified air every minute. 

Sleek and efficient, our dehumidifier circumvents the bulkiness seen in traditional units, ensuring optimal convenience and performance. This cornerstone of our holistic basement waterproofing and humidity control strategy adeptly manages water ingress, vapor intrusion, and residual humidity, guaranteeing a dry and wholesome ambiance throughout your residence. 

Indications Your Basement Requires a Dehumidifier 

If you have noticed any of the following signs in the basement of your home, it’s a good idea to call the professionals.  

Early intervention and professional guidance are essential to avoid further complications. Contact JES Foundation Repair for immediate assistance and safeguard your home and well-being. 

Why JES’s AquaStop™ Air System is Essential for Every Home 

A persistently humid basement can give rise to mold growth, structural impairment, escalating repair costs, and an unhealthy living environment. Standard dehumidifiers and makeshift solutions are often inadequate in addressing the complexities of large basements and substantial moisture levels. 

Incorporating our innovative AquaStop™ Air System is imperative for actively reducing moisture and maintaining an equilibrium in the atmosphere of your home. 

Advantages of JES’s AquaStop™ Air System 

  • Efficient Moisture Extraction: Rapidly decreases humidity levels by removing 100 pints of water daily. 
  • Economic Operation: Cost-effective compared to many dehumidifiers, making it an energy-wise choice. 
  • Mold and Mildew Prevention: Maintains humidity below 60%, inhibiting mold growth. 
  • Odor Elimination: Neutralizes musty odors by purifying the air. 
  • Enhanced Home Environment: Balances the basement’s humidity, preventing it from affecting the rest of the house. 

Our skilled team ensures the proficient installation of this system, maximizing benefits over standard alternatives. 

How JES’s AquaStop™ Air System Operates 

Our systematic approach involves: 

  • Assessment: Evaluate the basement for dehumidification needs. 
  • Vapor Barrier Installation: Set up a vapor barrier on the basement walls. 
  • Internal Drainage System Installation: Establish an internal drainage system. 
  • Sump Pump Placement: Install a sump pump in the lowest part of the basement. 
  • Drain Connection: Connect the interior drains to the sump pump. 
  • Dehumidifier Installation: Strategically position the dehumidification unit. 
  • System Integration: Connect the system to the drainage system or a condensate pump. 
  • Settings Adjustment: Configure and adjust the digital controls. 
  • Testing: Conduct tests to confirm optimal moisture removal. 

With extensive experience, JES Foundation Repair customizes the installation of the AquaStop™ Air System to address the individual needs of homes across the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Why Choose JES’s AquaStop™ Air System? 

  • High Efficiency: Capable of removing up to 100 pints of water daily. 
  • Self-Draining Feature: Automatically discharges collected water. 
  • High Air Circulation: Circulates over 300 cubic feet of purified air per minute. 
  • Energy Efficiency: ENERGY STAR rated for energy conservation. 
  • Custom Design: Specifically crafted for basement environments. 
  • Compact Design: Saves space without sacrificing performance. 
  • Long-Term Reliability: Backed by a robust warranty and maintenance program. 

Explore the transformative impact our dehumidifier can have in creating a healthier, more inviting living space. 

Contact JES Foundation Repair for Tailored Dehumidification Solutions! 

Ensure the safety and health of your family with our specialized dehumidification solutions. Reach out to JES Foundation Repair to schedule a free inspection and estimate across Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Northeast NC, and West Virginia. 

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has garnered the trust of homeowners throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Experience this dedication and secure peace of mind with our expert services. 


The installation timeframe can vary depending on the specific conditions of your basement and any additional repairs that might be necessary. However, our skilled technicians aim to work efficiently to minimize disruption, with most installations being completed in less than a day. 

JES Foundation Repair offers a comprehensive annual maintenance plan to ensure the continued optimal performance of your dehumidification system. This plan includes routine inspections, cleaning, and filter replacements. Reach out to us for more details on maintaining your system effectively. 

Absolutely! Our dehumidification system is designed with energy efficiency in mind, ensuring it operates cost-effectively while maintaining an optimal balance of humidity in your basement, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more comfortable home environment. 

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