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BasementGutter™ Interior Drain System

BasementGutter™ Interior Drain Systems are the best basement waterproofing solutions. Keep your home safe and dry with the JES experts.

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BasementGutter™ Interior Drain System is the superior solution for keeping your basement free of water. This long-lasting system runs along the perimeter of your basement and catches water before it can damage the interior, thereby keeping your basement dry and your home safe and comfortable. 

Interior drain systems are an ideal solution for basement waterproofing, especially if water seepage is a persistent problem. Water gets into your basement in a number of ways, and even the most well-constructed homes can see seepage. This can be due to a number of reasons, including hydrostatic pressure, foundation sinking, and damaged window wells. 

Basements with leaks need to effectively drain the water away, or a suite of problems will manifest. An interior drain system is ideal for catching leakage entering through the wall-floor joint or cracks in the walls. This system also effectively traps water entering via window wells. 

A BasementGutter™ Interior Drain System installed alongside JES’ SafeDri™ Sump Pump System allows for complete protection against basement water problems. To learn more about the power of a BasementGutter™ Interior Drain System, get in touch with JES today for a free inspection and quote. 

Keep Your Basement Dry 

There are a number of internal drainage solutions available on the market. JES goes the extra mile and runs these products through a suite of evaluations so that we offer only the best solutions to our customers. For basement waterproofing, this means an interior drain system. 

An interior drain system is a design that sits below the ground. Aside from not marring the visual aesthetics of your space, this allows the drains to capture water before it can reach the interior. A pre-emptive drainage system is your first and last line of defense against not only basement leaking, but all the many problems it causes, including pests, mold, and wood rot. 

The dynamic shape and water-capturing properties of the BasementGutter™ interior drain system make it highly effective against exterior seepage. All water entering through the wall-floor joint is directed into the drains, as is any water seeping through cracks in the wall or through the window well. 

The drains carry the water to a sump pump system that pumps the water out of and away from your home and where you don’t need to worry about it. 

Basement seepage is a near-inescapable event for homes in our service area. An interior drain system installed by JES prevents water from damaging your home. 

Why JES Recommends a French Drain System 

Here is why JES highly recommends BasementGutter™ Interior Drain Systems for your basement waterproofing needs. 

  • Clog-Free Design 

Drain systems must have anti-clog designs, otherwise their purpose is rendered moot. BasementGutter™ Interior Drain Systems are designed to be clog-free and will not get clogged with debris over time. Ineffective drains will fall prey to such clogs and quickly cause backflow into the basement. The mess they create when clogged can also be costly and time-consuming to clean up. 

JES’ interior drains are resistant to blockages and debris through resilient construction and design. 

  • Submersed Installation 

A submersed drainage system does more than create a visually subtle perimeter gutter network. It catches water before it enters the basement proper, meaning the basement can become a usable living space. This is a secure form of protection against water, so you have peace of mind when storing valuable or sentimental objects in the basement too. 

Other drain systems rely on water being pushed or pulled into the drains, either through applied force or gravity in combination with a sloped floor. This isn’t ideal or practical for interior drains. 

BasementGutter™ Interior Drains are a superior solution that protects your basement from all sides. 

  • Lifetime Warranty 

JES only uses products that will stand the test of time and perform with excellence. BasementGutter™ Interior Drain installations come with a 20-year warranty, showing our faith in this product’s lifespan. If you have any issues with a product installed by our experts, get in touch with our team today. 

  • Serviceable Year-Round 

A huge benefit to the BasementGutter™ Interior Drain System is that it is serviceable throughout the year. It may seem like a submersed drain network wouldn’t be accessible without heavy-duty excavation tools, but JES technicians are able to service your drains on demand with ease. 

  • An Affordable Solution 

One thing that can deter homeowners from seeking basement waterproofing is the perceived cost of such systems. While these systems are an investment, they are worthwhile installations that will eventually pay for themselves. This occurs through the prevention of water damage and the ensuing repair costs, and in creating a more energy-efficient home with consistently lower energy bills. 

Interior drains, like a BasementGutter™ Interior Drain System installed by JES, are also a more affordable solution than exterior basement waterproofing solutions. 

A Quick Installation 

Interior drain systems can be installed during the construction of your home, or well after the fact! 

Once the perfect interior drain system has been designed to meet the specific needs of your basement, a trench will be excavated using machinery to break up the concrete below. In this trench, various supporting matrixes will be laid alongside the drain network. After that, everything will be filled back in leaving the floor good as new.

BasementGutter™ Interior Drain System


Preserving a comfortable, healthy home relies on keeping your basement dry. Basements are vulnerable to water seepage and combating this is essential. Not taking measures to waterproof your basement can have costly consequences. 

Wood Rot 

Wood rot is a common problem sign of moisture issues in the basement. This is a fungus that grows on and devours damp wood, meaning that a large portion of your home is vulnerable to this organism. 

Wood rot is an issue not because it is toxic, but because without measures taken against it, the fungus will continue to infest any wood structures it can latch onto. Often, this fungus eats wood from the inside out, which can cause no small amount of structural integrity issues. 

Left alone, wood rot can cause significant damage to the basement and home. It can even compromise the integrity of your home, making it unsafe to inhabit. 

Indoor Air Contamination 

Water in the basement creates a damp environment perfect for mold to grow. To many, mold isn’t considered overly dangerous. In most cases, the molds found in damp basements aren’t types that can cause severe illness. They can, however, trigger allergies and cause irritation of the eyes, mouth, and throat. This is caused by airborne spores released by the mold colonies, carried up into the home by warm air currents. 

Toxic mold variants, like black mold, can have more severe impacts on your family’s health, even for those that don’t suffer from allergies or asthma. 

High Humidity 

Water in the basement that is not removed will eventually begin to evaporate. Without a dehumidifier or ventilation system, this moisture-laden air will be trapped in the basement, eventually spreading into the home. Aside from causing moisture-related issues, this creates pockets of humid air in living spaces, making them uncomfortable to inhabit. 

To combat the rising humidity, many people will run their air conditioning system for longer periods. 

This results in a higher energy bill at the end of every month. Here is just one aspect where an effective drainage system will pay for itself in the long run. JES provides dehumidifier installations for basements or crawl spaces for homes that need to combat high humidity levels!

A lot of upgrades around the home can be DIY projects. Installing an interior drain system is not one of them. 

Safety First 

Heavy and dangerous machinery is needed to break through concrete slabs, and one wrong move can take out a supporting structure. Not only can this destabilize the wall and other support structures, repairing the damage can be costly. The machines needed to excavate the concrete are also dangerous and should be handled by professionals. 

Mistakes Happen 

Incorrectly installing a drainage system can also be a costly mistake. Not only can water pool into places below ground and in the basement, but these errors must also be corrected to prevent the occurrence from happening again.

Protect Your Basement With JES 

Waterproofing your basement is not something to avoid. Learn to see if JES’ BasementGutter™ Interior Drain System is the right solution for your basement problems by scheduling a free inspection with one of our professional consultants.

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