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3 Ways to Fix Damp Basement Walls

By waterproofing your basement walls, you are ensuring that your basement is protected from moisture.

Coatings are not a good option simply because they don't stay on the wall for a very long time. This is because the water and water vapor are already through the wall. When they begin to peel and flake, the walls look worse than it did in the first place.

After you have rid your basement of any standing water through the installation of a sump pump draining system, the next thing you want to address is your basement walls. If you have been experiencing basement condensation problems, leaky basement windows, damp walls and floors, wet drywall or basement sump pump issues, then basement wall waterproofing is the solution.

Given the reality of the basement problems mentioned above, it’s apparent that unwanted water intrusion created such chaos. By waterproofing your basement walls, you are ensuring that your basement is protected from moisture.

By waterproofing your basement walls, you are ensuring that your basement is protected from moisture.

Unwanted water and moisture can enter into your basement through many ways. Basement water problems are caused by a host of factors, including clogged footing drains, soil settlement and most commonly basement wall cracks.

Often times you will see these type of cracks located in the middle-third of the wall or from the corner of a window. However, many of those cracks do not pose structural concerns.

The main problem with the presence of these cracks is their ability to let water into your basement, making basement wall waterproofing necessary. When it comes to basement wall waterproofing solutions, there are four basic solutions. The choice must be based on what’s best for your basement’s specific needs.

Basement Wall Waterproofing

Wall Paneling

If you are looking for a more polished look without fully finishing your basement, then wall paneling is your best basement wall waterproofing solution. Wall Basement Paneling is made of a thick encapsulated fiberglass core with a reflective foil vapor barrier on the back and the side. Wall also has a decorative vinyl finish on the front, which creates a more attractive look for your basement walls. It’s also comprised of all inorganic material, so it does not support mold growth.

basement wall waterproofing

If you wish to leave your basement unfinished then wall paneling is best. Wall is made of semi-rigid white plastic panels that are installed on your basement walls with drilled-in fasteners. Wall paneling is made to last and will not fall off your basement walls, even with extensive moisture present. Wall also has a drainage system intertwined that drains any water leaks to the BasementGutter™ drainage system.

Wall Systems

If your basement is comprised of stone walls and you wish to leave your basement unfinished then installing a Wall Systems is your best solution. Due to the rigidness of stone basement walls, Wall and Wall paneling cannot be installed. However, Cleanspace Wall Systems brighten your basement, provide a vapor barrier and drains water behind it.

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