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Sinking Foundation

Cracked Bricks are a Common Foundation Repair Sign

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Ground sinking near your home's foundation indicates that you have a serious foundation problem. It may not be the first thing you notice so look for other common foundation problem signs like drywall cracks, stuck windows, house settling noises, and cracked bricks.

What Do I Need to Do First?

First you need to find the source of your sinking foundation, which could be caused by the soil. You can learn more about this by browsing through the various problems signs and solutions on this page.


Or if you're ready to call in the experts, give us a call at 866-370-4816 to make an appointment with a foundation repair expert. We'll come out and take a look at the ground sinking near your foundation and find out the source of the problem.

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What Causes My Foundation To Sink?

The ground sinking near your foundation tells you that there's a problem with the soil that your home is built on, and you have house settling. When the soil can't support the weight of your home, your home sinks and settles. There are a few things that can compromise the soil:

Mother Nature
Hot summers can dry out the soil, which then pulls away from your home’s foundation. The extra room around your foundation allows the ground to sink and causes foundation settlement.

Water, Water Everywhere...
Whether it's a plumbing leak, heavy rain or your gutters’ drains don't lead away from your home, this extra water creates problems for the soil your home sits on.

Inadequate Soil Preparation
It's common practice for builders to use backfill dirt to fill in the hole where your home's foundation is built. If this soil isn't pressed down enough it, shifts and causes your foundation to move with it.

We’re here to help you find the perfect solution for your home, and determine if the ground sinking around your foundation is causing house settling which may require foundation repair.

Email us to make an appointment for your free inspection. You'll also receive a free copy of the Homeowner's Guide to Foundation Repair which is full of information about foundation repair problems, things to look for, and what to ask your foundation repair contractor.

How Do I Fix The Ground Sinking Near My Foundation?

Protect Your Home and FamilyThe ground sinking tells you that there's a problem and it could be affecting your foundation. Filling the area in with more dirt or gravel isn’t going to solve the real problem: your home could be built on soil that has been compromised and you have a foundation settlement problem.

If the ground sinking near your foundation or house settling is caused by poor drainage, then the solution will involve more than just cleaning your gutters. Your foundation may need underpinning to level your home and provide added stability.

Underpinning your home should only be done by a foundation repair expert. All of our foundation repair specialists are extensively trained by our team of Professional Engineers – who are a the industry's respected authority on foundation underpinning solutions.

What Do I Do Now?

Experts in Fixing Sinking Foundations

Call in professional foundation repair contractors to find the cause of the problem. We can help you find the source of your ground sinking and design the best solution for your home.

One of our professional foundation repair consultants will visit your home and take a look at your sinking foundation. They will take the time We're here to help you and provide a solution – not hard sell you into a product that you don't need. to conduct a thorough investigation of your home – looking for signs that your home may need foundation repair.

If your foundation needs underpinning, we'll work with you to create the best solution for you and your home. And if the ground surrounding your home just needs to be graded, we'll tell you. After all, we are here to help you and provide a solution – not hard sell you into a product that you don't need.


We're Here To Help You Find The Best
Solutions For Your Foundation...

We're here to help you find the perfect solution for your home, and find out the source of your foundation problems.

Requesting your free inspection takes 60 seconds, and you can download your Free Homeowner's Guide to Foundation Repair immediately!

Free Inspection

Sinking Foundation Solutions

We're Known Best for Being Better because we only use the best products and recommend custom solutions designed for your home's foundation repair needs. We want to ensure that your home's foundation problems are fixed for life – giving you the peace of mind knowing that your home's foundation is safe and strong.

Some of the foundation repair solutions we recommend include JES Helical Piers, JES Push Piers, and JES Slab Piers. Remember that everyone's foundation repair needs are different based on several factors including the ground your home is built on, type of foundation and the severity of the problem.

I was very happy with the whole experience working with JES. We had an addition that had begun to sink and move away from the house due to the foundation not being on as solid ground. They performed all the work when they said they would, obtained all the necessary permits, and were cleaned up and out actually a little early. The foreman on the job was great and even took the time to show and explain to me the process at various points. I would use them again.

~ Sam W.


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Foundation Repair Solutions

"I would like to praise your engineer and the construction crew for their professional approach to solving our foundation problems. In over forty years of practice in architecture, I have seldom seen such a well coordinated demolition/construction process. I would have JES back for any future foundation problems and will recommend JES to my clients and friends who need your services."

~ William M., Yorktown, VA

"The crew was wonderful especially the Foreman. We asked lots of questions and kept checking in and looking at the work. Each time we went to the basement, they stopped the work and carefully explained the process to us in a very friendly manner. We liked this crew and the foreman very much."

~ Suzzanne B., Culpeper, VA