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Cracked Bricks

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Brick cracks are more than a cosmetic problem; they could be an indication that your home’s foundation needs repair. Cracked bricks can be the result of house settling, which can create a lot of damage. It’s important to find and repair the cause of the cracked bricks before they grow into a larger problem.

What Do I Need to Do First?

First you need to find the source of your brick cracks which typically stem from a foundation problem of some kind. Browse through the various problems signs on this page. Or just give us a call at 866-370-4816 to have one of our foundation repair experts come out and take a look at your brick cracks. We'll let you know the source of the problem and if you need a professional to fix it.

Do Your Cracked Bricks Follow a Pattern?

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What Do My Brick Crack Patterns Mean?

You home's cracked bricks are giving you a clue that’s pointing to the source of your foundation problem.


Does the crack begin in a corner and lead towards a window or door? Are the cracks wider at the top then the bottom? Is the foundation crack wider at the bottom of the crack? Did the crack just appear and is it vertical? Is the crack located over a door or window?


If your home has any of these types of brick cracks then you may have a serious foundation issue.


Horizontal Brick Cracks
Always indicate foundation failure! The soil under your home is pushing against your foundation and forcing the walls in, which is never good. If left alone, the horizontal cracks will grow into a bowed wall and eventually a collapsed wall. And if your foundation wall collapses, it’ll take the rest of your home with it. Yikes!

Vertical Brick Cracks
These cracks are almost always a sign of foundation trouble. Vertical cracks tell you that the soil your home sits on is shifting, which is causing house settling. The soil changes force your home’s foundation to shift, resulting in vertical cracks and other problems like cracked drywall or sagging floors.

Stair-Step Brick Cracks
These cracks tell you that your house is settling unevenly. The unstable soil under your home’s foundation, which is causing the settling, can cause other problems like drywall cracks or nail pops.


We're here to help you find the perfect solution for your home, and determine if the cracked bricks are a sign that your home needs foundation repair.


Email us today to schedule your free foundation evaluation with one of our structural repair experts. You'll also receive a free copy of the Homeowner's Guide to Foundation Repair.


We'll let you know if your foundation needs repair or if it's something you can fix without a foundation repair contractor. After all, we're here to help you, not pressure you into buying a solution that you don't need. Sometimes that means we don't need to do the work, and that's okay.

Can I Fix the Cracked Bricks in My Foundation?

Don't assume that cracked bricks in your home can be easily repaired with crack filler or repointing - this is only a cosmetic fix and doesn't repair the foundation cracks.


More often than not, cracked bricks mean you have a serious foundation problem. The cracks usually get worse over time, creating more problems in your home and becoming more expensive to repair.

What Do I Do Now?

JES Experts in Foundation Repair

Don't be fooled into thinking that a cracked brick is just a cracked brick – it's a major foundation problem.Don't be fooled into thinking that a cracked brick is just a cracked brick – it's a major foundation problem. Save yourself time, money and stress by making an appointment with one of our certified foundation repair experts to come out and take a look at your home's foundation.


The expert will perform a thorough inspection of your home's cracked bricks; searching for the source of the problem using precision equipment, and looking for other foundation problem signs.


After your free inspection, our foundation repair consultant will explain the source of your cracked brick problem and recommend the best solutions for your home. And if we find that your cracked bricks are only cosmetic and don't require foundation repair, we'll tell you.

Cracked Bricks Solutions

JES offers several foundation repair solutions for cracked bricks: JES Helical Piers, JES Push Piers and JES Slab Piers.


Each product offers a long-term solution to your home's foundation problems. We'll work with you to create a customized, economical foundation repair solution to your home's cracked brick and foundation issues.

I was having a settlement issue and it was starting to cause problems like cracks in the brick. I went to work one day, and when I came home, JES had installed 3 push piers and lifted the house back to where it was supposed to be!

The settlement cracks in the brick closed back up and I finally have a peace of mind. I am certain that if I would have allowed the settlement continue, the cost to repair would have easily doubled or tripled in the next year or two. They did great work and were very clean in doing so.

~ Ray H.

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Foundation Repair Solutions

"I would like to praise your engineer and the construction crew for their professional approach to solving our foundation problems. In over forty years of practice in architecture, I have seldom seen such a well coordinated demolition/construction process. I would have JES back for any future foundation problems and will recommend JES to my clients and friends who need your services."

~ William M., Yorktown, VA

"The crew was wonderful especially the Foreman. We asked lots of questions and kept checking in and looking at the work. Each time we went to the basement, they stopped the work and carefully explained the process to us in a very friendly manner. We liked this crew and the foreman very much."

~ Suzzanne B., Culpeper, VA