Over Spanned Floor Joists

Sagging, uneven, bouncy floors are a problem you need to deal with before further damage or injury results. Over spanned, failing floor joists in your crawl space likely are to blame

failing floor joists and supports

Do you have sagging floors? Uneven floors? Or do the glasses in the cabinets rattle when you walk by? You could have over spanned floor joists. Over spanned floor joists are more than just an annoyance, they’re a sign that your sagging floor joists and support beams need additional support.

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The support beams and floor joists in your crawl space are designed to support the weight of your home. The floor joists have to be precisely spaced otherwise you’ll have a sagging floor or uneven floors. And if the floor joists aren’t supported properly then your floor will eventually cave in, creating even bigger problems – which can stem from:E


Is your crawl space sealed or do you have open vents? An unsealed crawl space allows moisture – which produces mold. Mold thrives on organic (any living material – like trees – or wood) material, which causes wood rot, decay, and structural damage.E

Weight of Your Home

Before you start a home improvement project, it’s important to think about the floor support. When you add more weight to the floor, like new granite counter tops, the floor joists may require additional support to safely hold your floor up.E

Poor Support Design

The support columns and floor joists are designed to hold up the weight of your home. When the floor joists are over spanned –the support columns aren’t spaced properly so there isn’t enough of support under the floor joists – your home will have sagging floors, a gap between the wall and floor, and even squeaky floors.

Fixing sagging floor joists is a job best left to the professionals. If an over spanned or sagging floor joist is supported incorrectly or your home is lifted up too quickly, additional problems can be created: uneven floorsdrywall cracksgaps between the floor and wall, and stuck windows.

The last thing you want to deal with is additional home repairs that could have been avoided. So save yourself time and money by getting a free inspection. You’ll also receive a Free Homeowner’s Guide to Crawl Space Repair which will teach you about problems signs, causes and what to look for when you hire a contractor.

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What Do I Do Now?

Your over spanned floor joists are a safety problem. If left alone the floors will eventually collapse; you can just imagine the mess and stress that comes with a collapsed floor.

Give us a call at 757-301-4820 and request your free crawl space evaluation. We’ll find out if you have sagging floor joists and work with you to create the best solution for your home.

“Uneven floors and sagging floors could be a sign that you have over spanned floor joists. And over spanned floor joists are a serious safety problem.

Over Spanned Floor Joists Solutions

To correct your over spanned floor joist problem, additional support is needed.

This may include supplemental support beams in your crawlspace to carry the weight from your home, or we may recommend the foundation jacks, like our IntelliJack crawl space stabilizer, to help distribute the weight properly and ensure no further damage occurs to your crawl space support beams.


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