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Virginia Foundation Solutions

Virginia Foundation Solutions

Do you have concerns with your home’s crawl space or basement? Are you in need of Virginia foundation solutions? These are common questions for homeowners across the state, but most people don’t know where to begin the process. Your home is your greatest asset, and your home’s foundation plays a key role in the safety, stability, and value of your house.

Where should you begin? First, before any prevention methods or repairs can be put in place, you’ll need to identify the problem. Furthermore, you’ll need to find and fix the cause of the problem. From cracks and sloping floors to moisture and humidity, it’s never a good idea to underestimate the severity of a foundation issue.

Virginia Foundation Solutions: Problem Signs

Each of the following problem signs could indicate a serious foundation problem within your home. The smallest issue can lead to massive damage and costly repairs. Act quickly and setup an inspection if you notice any of the following:


IntelliJack Crawl Space Jacks – What Causes Bouncy Floors?One of the most common problem signs is cracks in your foundation. Whether you have a basement, crawl space or concrete slab, cracks can be found in a variety of places. Moreover, they will also appear in different patterns, which indicate different types of foundation problems.

The most common patterns are vertical, horizontal, and stair-step cracks. All three patterns can indicate foundation settlement. Vertical cracks often indicate a problem with shifting soil underneath your home. Horizontal cracks are most often caused when the pressure against your foundation walls becomes too strong. In this case, the horizontal crack must be repaired right away before the walls cave in altogether. Lastly, stair-step cracks can indicate heaving, uneven settling, and foundation problems in the corners of your home.

Floor and Wall Gaps

Floor GapsAre there gaps between your floors and the baseboards of your home? If so, you may have a settlement problem. Floor and wall gaps are safety hazards that are caused by sagging floor joists and settling. This occurs when the ground soil your home is built on begins to shift or change.

The soil is like a sponge. It expands when it’s wet and shrinks when it’s dry. To clarify, wet soil softens and pushes against the walls of your foundation, while dry soil creates gaps next to your foundation that allow for movement and settling. To make matters worse, soil changes can also lead to a sinking foundation.

Sticking Windows and Doors

Are you considering Virginia foundation solutions by JES? Unfortunately, some foundation problem signs go unrecognized or misdiagnosed as other issues. Sticking windows and doors fit into this category. If your foundation is sinking, doors and windows may stick or have gaps. Some homeowners will have them replaced and move on, but that doesn’t address the possible foundation issue.

Before spending the money, call JES for a free, no obligation inspection of your home’s foundation. If the inspection reveals a foundation problem, we’ll work with you to develop a solution for your specific home. Occasionally, warping doors and windows are a sign of moisture issues, which may require waterproofing. Otherwise, you’ll need a proven foundation solution that not only gives your family peace of mind, but also protects your home’s stability and safety for the future.

Virginia Foundation Solutions: Repair Options

First and foremost, your repairs will depend on the specific problem at hand. Nevertheless, JES provides a variety of repairs for your foundation.

Pier Systems

JES Push PiersInstalling a pier system can permanently stabilize your home’s foundation. Also known as underpinning, pier systems are installed deep into the ground until reaching a stable soil level. Thus, providing the support your home needs.

JES will install one of three piering systems: helical piers, push piers, or slab piers. Helical piers offer a permanent solution to settlement. The piers are driven deep into the ground like screws and don’t require any digging, along with minimal clean up.

Push piers will not only stop settlement, but also lift your home back to its original position. In this case, the push piers are installed at the most stable soil level, known as bedrock.

Slab piers are specifically used in homes built on a concrete slab foundation. Installation is stress-free and offers a lifelong solution to slab settlement.

JES Crawl Space Jacks

IntelliJack Crawl Space Jacks stabilize your home's bouncy floorsJES also offers a crawl space jacks system that will fix sagging, bouncing, and uneven floors. The crawl space jacks will give added support to the floor joists and beams, while raising the floor back to its original level.

This instant solution is relied upon throughout the industry. JES crawl space jacks can fit in tight spaces and the galvanized steel can support over 60,000 pounds of weight.

JES Wall Anchors

JES Wall Anchors are the best solution to bowing or tilting basement walls. Cracks in your foundation walls may need immediate attention before the issue turns into an even bigger problem. JES Wall Anchors will stop any inward movement and allow your foundation walls to move back to their original position.

How does it work? JES Wall Anchors extend from your foundation walls to the stable and hard-packed soil away from your home and anchor there. They brace against your foundation walls for stabilization. Additionally, this helps straighten the walls back into place.

These solutions are not “do-it-yourself” projects. Therefore, have your home inspected by JES’ professionals if you have any foundation concerns. Don’t make the mistake of taking on repairs on your own. Foundation repair is tedious work and “DIY” can result in further damage or problems that will inevitably cost you more money.

With branches throughout the state, we service all of Virginia. At JES, we provide Virginia foundation solutions and communicate with our customers every step of the way.

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