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Persistent Foundation Leaks After Tree Removal

Tree removal won’t always eliminate the roots troubling your foundation. Work with the professionals in your area to clear away additional debris.

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Tree roots can actively damage your foundation and cause your home to leak. You can’t always deal with these leaks, however, by having the offending tree removed. Some tree roots remain after their initial removal and can continue to damage your foundation. How do you know when these leaks are still being caused by the remains of your tree, and what can you do to deal with them?

What To Do When A Removal Doesn’t Work

As mentioned, removing a tree from your property doesn’t mean the leaks in your foundation, basement, or crawl space are going to clear up. Sometimes, removals can go wrong. If you’re noticing consistent water damage in your home after tree removal, take the following steps to see what went wrong and how best you can protect your home.

Tree removal and foundation repair

Step 1: Assess The State of Your Tree Site

After you remove a tree from your property, take a look at the site of the removal. If you cut down the tree yourself (or with the help of some friends) and you’re still dealing with a leak, you may not have appropriately dealt with the remains of the tree. Check the removal site for signs of life and make sure you’ve removed all of the roots from the surrounding area.

If you contracted a team of tree professionals to remove a tree from your property for you, you’ll still want to make your way out to the site of the removal. Again, look for signs of life. You’ll want to get in touch with the contractors you hired if you spot signs of life or if you think the tree’s root system may still be alive and kicking.

Step 2: Talk To Your Local Professionals

Communicating with your tree removal professionals is essential to a successful removal process. Even if you opt to remove a tree on your own time, you may want a contractor to come out and inspect your work after you’ve finished. These professionals will be able to identify any mistakes that may have been made during the removal process. As such, you’ll have a better idea as to whether or not the tree you removed may still be causing your foundation leak.

Communication is just as important if you hired a professional team to remove your tree for you. Stay in touch with your team after your removal and have them check up on their work a few weeks afterward. Again, if your foundation, basement, or crawl space is still leaking post-removal, it’s possible that they missed some roots or otherwise left part of the tree still alive.

Step 3: Make Sure Your Stump Is Fully Removed

One source of constant frustration, post-tree removal, is a tree stump. If you had contractors leave your stump behind or left it up yourself, you’ve effectively left your tree alive. After assessing your site and talking with your team, you’ll want to disconnect a leftover stump from an existing root system and safely dispose of the wood.

Step 4: Consider Chemical Root Killers

It’s also possible that, despite your or a professional’s best efforts, there are still active tree roots near your home. If this is the case, you’ll want to consider investing in chemical root killers. You can apply these root killers at the site of your removal and let the roots’ natural absorbent process do the work for you. In as little as two days, any roots still plaguing your home should be taken care of.

Step 5: Reach Out For Professional Home Waterproofing

After you’ve taken all of the previous steps, you’ll have done all you can at the site of the tree removal to protect your home. If you find yourself still dealing with a leak in your basement, crawl space, or foundation, then the problem may be elsewhere around your home.

At this point, you’re going to want to call one of the professional foundation and basement repair contractors working out of the DC area. These professionals will be able to inspect your home and identify where any seepage or standing water originates from. They’ll then provide you with a quote on potential services and guide you through the next steps of protecting your home.

Of course, you may think it’d be easier to DIY a leak solution in your home. Unfortunately, it’s possible to worsen a leak or crack with quick fixes. If that is the case, your repair project with a professional team could take longer and possibly cost more as the team will first have to remove other previously installed solutions before implementing their own.

It’s best to let a professional contractor go to work on your basement and work within the guidelines they give you.

Ready to see your leaks off once and for all? Get in touch with a representative in the Washington DC area today.

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