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foundation crack

What Foundation Issues Should I Worry About in Summer?

Summer heat not only threatens your basement but also the structural integrity of your home, especially the foundation.

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foundation crack

Foundation problems are one of the things that give many homeowners in Washington, D.C., sleepless nights. And it’s justifiably so because they have spent a lot of money building their homes. 

When your home’s foundation is compromised, it can lead to all sorts of problems. In severe cases, it can render your home unsafe. If your foundation has issues, you must have them fixed right away. Call your local foundation repair experts and ask them to inspect the underlying structure. 

Why Do Foundations Suffer During Summer? 

Typically, foundations are designed to have constant support from the ground they sit on. During summer, moisture evaporates from the soil, causing it to shrink and pull away from the footing. This results in foundation settling among other issues that can damage your basement.  

How Summer Heat Affects Your Foundation 

Excess summer heat can cause an array of foundation issues, the most common being foundation settling. When it is hot and dry outside, the soil under your home begins to shrink. This creates gaps under your home’s foundation causing the soil to sink. With time, homeowners may start seeing signs of foundation settling.  

The signs of a settling foundation tend to be very subtle in the beginning. In fact, some homeowners go many months, sometimes even years before they notice cracks in their foundation. Unfortunately, settlement can cause extensive damage to your foundation problems and open up your home or basement to moisture.  

Regularly checking your foundation for cracks is critical to your home’s health and longevity. While some cracks are harmless, others can cause trouble by interfering with your home’s stability. You must detect and repair any foundation cracks of concern before they cause expensive structural damage.  

Signs of a Settling Foundation 

When your foundation starts settling, it will show a number of signs. It could be any of the following: 

Foundation cracks 

This is the most obvious sign of foundation issues. As the settling advances, vertical cracks become wider and uneven due to wall sections tilting apart from each other. If the cracks are wider at the top than the bottom, this is a sign of progressing settling and requires immediate restoration. 

Leaning or tilting chimneys 

A chimney built on a footing that is not connected to the house foundation is at a higher risk of settlement due to its massive weight. A tilting chimney is one of the most dramatic and intimidating signs of a settling foundation. Call your local contractor for immediate repairs. 

Drywall cracks 

Check to see whether there are cracks in the drywall throughout your home as they are a more reliable indicator of foundation settlement. These cracks are often more substantial and more prominent in the home’s upper levels.  

Damaged doors and windows  

The doors and windows in your home are usually the first indicators of foundation settlement. Your doors and window may separate from their frames. You might see cracks that extend from the corners above your door or window. If you do not see any of these signs, test them to see whether they open and close smoothly. If your doors and windows are sticking or showing gaps, this could be a sign of shifting.  

How to Fix Foundation Issues During Summer 

First, do not allow the soil under your home to become exceedingly dry. Take time to water your foundation, preferably using an automatic lawn sprinkler. It will keep the soil around your foundation slightly moist. You can also opt to install rock beds about two inches away from your foundation. These beds allow much-needed moisture to seep into the soil around your foundation and prevent it from cracking. Keeping the soil underneath your foundation adequately moist will prevent it from settling. 

If the foundation is settling, your contractor can fix the problem by installing piers beneath the foundation to stabilize your floors. Piers can restore the foundation to its original position and prevent soil problems that might induce further structural damage.  

Don’t let your settling foundation ruin your home. JES Foundation Repair has the experience and equipment needed to help resolve your foundation issues. For the last two decades, we have been improving foundations in Washington, D.C., with solutions that eliminate safety hazards and increase home value.  

If you’d like to know how to fix foundational issues, get in touch with us. We offer free foundation repair inspection and quotes plus long-lasting solutions to various problems. 

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