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8 Ways Crawl Space Encapsulation Increases the Value of a Home

Encapsulating the crawl space helps control moisture and ultimately increases your home’s value.

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While not as fancy as other home improvements, crawl space encapsulation is essential for your home. You can’t put a price on some of the benefits that will accrue from it. From cleaner indoor air to energy savings to mold protection, the gains are priceless. Your home’s value will go up and buyers will find your property more appealing than others. 

crawl space encapsulation

Why Encapsulate the Crawl Space? 

Until you seal vents with airtight vent covers and line the walls and floor with a plastic 20-mil vapor barrier, you can’t comprehend how much transformation encapsulation brings to the crawl space. Let’s look at some of the benefits. 

1) Reduces Pests’ Interest 

Your open crawl space is an open invitation to all types of pests. Rodents and insects will come in and out as they like. Encapsulating your crawl space makes it less attractive to vermin. Since there’s no moisture to quench their thirst or torn insulation for them to nest, they are more likely to keep off this area. That means no scratching sounds, food contamination, wood damage, or fleas to bother you. 

2) Makes Homes Energy Efficient 

Think about the hours you had to run your heater in winter or AC in summer to create favorable conditions in your home. It’s a common narrative among homeowners with exposed crawl spaces. When you leave this area open, you will fight a losing battle against moisture and temperature fluctuations. You can cut down utility costs by sealing up the crawl space with a vapor barrier. 

3) Tames Moisture 

Do you have any idea about the volume of moisture that builds up in your crawl space in a day? It’s upwards of 18 gallons a day. The volume could be higher in summer as warm air carries a lot of moisture. 

That’s more than enough to instigate wood rot, condensation, and other problems. The only way to combat moisture and make sure it doesn’t hurt your home is to encapsulate your crawl space. 

4) Fresher Indoor Air 

Close to 50 percent of the air in your home moves up from the crawl space. If this air is putrid, has mold spores, or is filled with dust, you can bet most of these harmful particles will end up in your lungs. You can avoid this scenario by sealing the crawl space with a heavy-duty vapor barrier and vent covers. What this does is cut off the outside air and all the toxic microorganisms it contains. 

5) Greater Indoor Comfort 

Your home’s comfort depends on the condition of the crawl space. If this area is open or exposed, cold air will come into your home and cool off the walls and floors. Encapsulation helps prevent temperature fluctuations. Your home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 

6) Energy Savings 

Your crawl space also impacts your electricity use. In the summer, you will find yourself running the air conditioner for many hours just to cool your home. Winter months won’t bring relief as you will have to crank up the heat to warm your cold home. You will be depending on your HVAC a lot to balance temperatures indoors, which can lead to higher utility costs. To avoid this scenario, seal up your crawl space and your utility costs can go down by at least 15%. 

7) Repair-Free Home 

Water, pests, moisture, and mold will constantly assault your open crawl space damaging wooden structures and any belongings. There’s very little you can do to help reduce these nuisances unless you seal your crawl space. Pests that would come in and out as they like and moist air that would flow in unabated won’t bother you or cause problems as much. Because there’s less of a threat, you won’t have to carry out costly repairs. 

8) Higher Resale Value 

Just like other improvements around the home, encapsulation will increase the value of your property. You can list it at a higher price than un-encapsulated homes and still draw the attention of serious buyers. The truth is no one will want to buy a home with a nasty crawl space that will eat into their savings, no matter how attractive the house is. Buyers want to get value for their money. Since your crawl space is in good shape, they won’t have reservations about closing a sale. 

Would you like to encapsulate the crawl space of your Washington, D.C., metro home? Be sure to contact the experts at JES Foundation Repair for a free crawl space inspection and quote. Our experienced professionals will check the condition of the crawl space, fix any problem, and then seal it up with a 20-mil plastic vapor barrier, cutting off air and helping deter pests that threaten your peace of mind. 

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