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Crawl Space Repair: Here’s What You Need to Know

If a team of professionals is coming to your home to fix your damaged crawl space, here is everything you need to know about this process.

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The crawl space is not a part of your home you want to neglect. If you do not take the time to maintain it regularly, a lot of problems can arise, affecting the health of your entire house. If your crawl space has been damaged, you could end up struggling with a mold infestation, pests, electrical wiring, and plumbing issues as well as warped materials. Such things can not only impact the structural stability of your home but also lower your house’s market value. 

If your crawl space has been damaged, looking for professional contractors in Baltimore, MD, should be your next step. In this post, we will be taking a closer look at preparations you need to do before repairs, things you should know about repairs, and what you can expect from the whole process. 

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How to Prepare for Repairs 

Luckily, with professional contractors in the Baltimore, MD, area, there are not many things you need to do before the repairs begin. There are only two important steps. The first one is to schedule an inspection with a professional service. Although you might be tempted to fix the damages on your own, repairing the crawl space should never be a DIY project. Something could easily go wrong, and you will end up creating more problems instead of fixing them. Therefore, contact professionals who have experience with assessing and diagnosing crawl space damage. 

The second thing you will need to do to help the team undertake repairs quickly is to clear out the crawl space. A lot of homeowners use this space as a tool shed, which is not recommended. Some even use it as a second pantry, which is a bad idea since easy access to food can easily attract rodents and other pests. If you are using your crawl space as storage, you will need to remove all your belongings so contractors can get to work. 

What You Need to Know About Crawl Space Repair 

If you are wondering about the whole repair process, it will mostly depend on the type of damage you are dealing with. For example, if your foundation has been damaged, there could be a lot of excavation. On the other hand, if moisture has damaged the support beams inside a crawl space, there may not be any digging involved. Regardless of what your contractors need to do, some things are common to every set of repairs. 

Structural Repairs Are a Priority 

What is more important, that your house is stable or that it looks nice? When it comes to repairs, contractors will always prioritize those tasks that will ensure the structural stability of your home. Do not worry if your house looks more like a construction site than a home for a couple of days. When contractors have made your home stable and safe, they can address the cosmetic issues. After they leave, your home will be in much better shape than it was when they came. 

There Are No Universal Solutions 

Expert contractors do not recommend the DIY approach, since the crawl space area can be tricky to fix. There can be unexpected complications that can completely mess up your plan and cause you to make wrong decisions. When you become aware of the damage, the problem has already been present for a while. There are probably several issues that co-exist, so they require a mixture of different solutions. Only experienced contractors can know what solutions will work best with your problem, so do not attempt to fix the damage on your own. 

Encapsulation Is Recommended 

If you haven’t encapsulated your crawl space, your team of contractors will probably suggest that you waterproof this area. This is a good investment since water damage can cause a wide variety of problems and seriously impact the health of your house. By installing a vapor barrier, you will keep your home safe from water damage and prevent your current issues from happening again. However, even if you encapsulate this space, you cannot relax hoping it will keep the moisture out for the next 20 years. You need to maintain it properly and check on it at least once a year. If you notice that there are air leaks around the crawl space door or vents, you need to seal them. Otherwise, your clean crawl space could easily turn into a moldy mess. You also shouldn’t use your crawl space to store certain items. Sharp tools and other objects could easily damage the barrier and make it completely ineffective. 

What Should You Do After Repairs? 

If your crawl space has been repaired by a team of professional contractors, there are not many things you need to do after they are done. They will clean up after themselves, and your home will look even better than it did before. If you moved personal belongings out of the crawl space before the crew came, you will need to put them back or find a new place for them, especially if you encapsulated the space. In some rare cases, you will need to check the repair solution after some time passes, but in that case, the repair team will thoroughly explain what you need to do. 

After your crawl space has been repaired by experts, you just need to take good care of your house and schedule regular maintenance appointments for your waterproofing solutions. This way, you will avoid preventable problems, notice warning signs on time, and ensure that your home stays strong for years to come. 

If you have noticed any signs of crawl space damage, you should schedule a free inspection as soon as possible. After experts from JES Foundation Repair have assessed the situation, they can suggest economical crawl space repair solutions that meet your needs. 

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