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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost

how much does foundation repair costHow much does foundation repair cost?

If you’re a homeowner experiencing foundation problem signs, this is a frequently asked question (and rightfully so).

Bear with us as we expound upon the following answer: It depends.

Average Foundation Repair Cost

According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners can pay anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 for foundation repair. Nevertheless, without a proper foundation inspection, it’s almost impossible to estimate the cost of foundation repair. The cost depends on the type of problem, severity and how long it takes to install the solution.

How Much Does Foundation Repair CostIf you have a settlement problem that has resulted in brick cracks around your home, then a solution may involve installing multiple push piers – which could take more than one day to install.

Perhaps your foundation issue is isolated to one area of your home and only one pier is required to fix it. In this case, the cost will be less. However, any brick damage that also needs to be repaired could add to the final estimate.

But again, if the problem is less severe (like the driveway image below) you may require PolyRenewal for sinking concrete slab.

Our PolyRenewal solution is significantly less than traditional mudjacking solutions and cures in 15 minutes. As you can see, the type of problem and severity can impact the foundation repair cost.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost It’s always best to do your research and have several companies come out to inspect the problem and provide a foundation repair cost estimate.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the lowest estimate is always the best. Check references, find out if they have professional engineers on staff, and make sure they’re licensed and insured.

After all, you only want the best to repair your foundation.

The Experts at JES can Help!

If you’re not sure of the source of your foundation problem, give us a call at 757-301-4820, and schedule a free inspection. We’ll find out the cause of the problem and help you find the perfect solution.

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