How Does Hydrostatic Pressure Impact Basement Leaking?

The weight of water inherently has an impact on your basement. However, it can be difficult to wrap your head around exactly why. After all, you walk around your home all the time, and you probably weigh more than eight pounds.

So how does hydrostatic pressure affect your foundation? These are some of the impacts.

  • Bowing Walls

This is potentially the most common impact of hydrostatic pressure in your basement. As the hydrostatic water pressure mounts, it starts to press in on the foundation walls, which bulge inward.

Obviously, the wall isn’t meant to do that. Eventually, it’ll end up with horizontal cracks across the biggest part of the bowing, which will start to let the water in, attempting to relieve the hydrostatic pressure.

This leads to basement leaking. JES can help you restore the walls to their original position by installing additional support structures to pull the walls against the hydrostatic pressure.

  • Cracks in the Floor

What about coming up from the floor? There are a few ways you might end up with cracks in the floor through hydrostatic water pressure.

If you have flooding problems, the weight of the water can prey on existing weaknesses and cause cracks in the floor over time. On the other hand, expanding soil underneath your foundation floor can lead to an increase in hydrostatic pressure, cracking the floor from underneath.

Whether it comes from top or bottom, any cracks in your basement can contribute to basement leaking if there’s water on the other side. You need to contact a JES expert to get more information about waterproofing those leaks.

  • Ground-Level Windows

Another problem that hydrostatic pressure can prey on is ground-level windows. Some basements have these windows, which allow sunlight into the area and make it easy to leave the basement if necessary.

However, if done improperly, these ground-level windows can be the perfect place for basement leaks. If you just use a typical window instead of a special basement egress window, it’s probably not going to stand up well to rain and snow. That means you’ll start seeing water leaking through it.

There are many ways to waterproof a ground-level window. If you do it right, you won’t have to worry about your basement leaking through your window, which can help alleviate the hydrostatic pressure in your basement.

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