Loose Crawl Space Door

Open or loose crawl space doors let outside air, water, and pests inside your crawl space. These issues then lead to other problems like high humidity, mold, structural instability, and pest infestations. Learn more about these issues and how you can fix them.

loose crawl space door

A loose crawl space door could be creating problems in your home. Do you have high indoor humidity? Do you have a bug problem? Have you noticed mold on your baseboards? Then your loose crawl space door could be the cause of your crawl space humidity, costing you money, and creating a headache.

Crawl Space Door – Do These Look Like Yours?

Identifying and Repairing Crawl Space Issues Related To Moisture, Condensation, and Humidity

Crawl Space Door – Why Care?

A loose crawl space door lets air into your crawl space. Air entering into your crawl space creates crawl space humidity. Crawl space humidity can damage your home, increase your electric bills, and invite a host of unwanted pests and insects into your home.

Humidity is a Problem

As the air is cycled through your home, it brings the crawl space humidity with it. As the moisture rises it goes through floor joists, crawl space insulation, subflooring, and up into the living space of your home.

High Utility Bills

Your crawl space could be the source of your high electric bills. If you have a crawl space humidity problem then it could be doing more than making your home damp and less comfortable, it could be costing you money.

Unwanted Pests, Rodents, & Insects

Dust mites, mold, bugs, and rodents love a damp crawl space. High crawl space humidity creates the ideal environment for mold growth and wood rot. Termites love rotted wood, as do other insects. Rodents come on the heels of the bug invasion, following their food source. Then factor in the health issues caused by dust mites and you have a very large problem on your hands.

Crawl Space Door – Why Fix It?

If there’s mold in your crawl space, the mold spores are being cycled through your home, and if you have a crawl space humidity problem the moisture is being pulled through the rest of your home. Fixing your crawl space door will help protect your home and health.

The air in your crawl space travels through the rest of your home. As you know, heat rises. The warm air in your home rises up into the higher sections of your home, like your attic and second story. As the heat rises it creates a suction which pulls the cooler air up from your crawl space – cycling it through your home. And as the air cools, it sinks back down into your crawl space. As air is pulled into your crawl space it is cooled, creating humidity and the cycle continues. This air movement is also called the “Stack Effect“.

The Stack Effect is the movement of air into and out of your home. The warm air rises because it’s less dense than cooler air. As the air rises it’s replaced with air that enters through lower sections of your home, like your crawl space. As the air warms, it rises & the cycle continues.

Crawl Space Door – A DIY Fix?

Tightening up your crawl space door will not fix the problem. An improperly fitted door will continue to let air in which will continue to create a crawl space humidity problem. An airtight door is critical to your crawl space health – and keeping out bugs, mold, and rodents.

Call us at 757-301-4820 to learn how you can keep those pests out of your crawl and keep your home healthy.

What Do I Do Now?

Your crawl space problem may be caused by more than a loose crawl space door. Give us a call at 757-301-4820, or email us to request your free crawl space inspection.

We’ll find the source of your crawl space humidity problem, show you why your crawl space health is important, and work with you to create the best solution for your home.

Loose Crawl Space Door Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions for crawl space humidity including CrawlSeal, JES Dehumidifier crawl space dehumidifier, and crawl space doors.

These products aren’t always the solution to your crawl space problems, so it is important to request a free professional consultation to find the best solution for your crawl space.


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