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basement drain and sump pump

Water Threatening Your Basement? Install Basement Drainage Systems

Basement drainage systems are vital waterproofing solutions that play an important role in keeping the basement dry and mold-free.

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Typical of below-grade areas, the basement is likely to take more water in wet months in Appomattox, VA. Older homes, constructed before codes were enacted in the country, are at a greater risk of basement water infiltration. You can avert water damage, mold growth, and dampness by installing basement drains. 

Here, we share some important information about basement drains, show you how they work, and why you need them. 

basement drain and sump pump

What is a Basement Drain? 

A basement drain is an interior drainage system that helps collect and move water out of your basement safely. It is mostly installed on the subfloor and along the basement perimeter. It can be your first and last line of defense against basement leaks and groundwater. Any water entering through wall joints, wall cracks, or windows wells will also get directed to the drain. 

Different systems are available and all work to keep your basement dry, safe, and comfortable. The good thing about them is they can collect water from different sources, whether it’s a leaking water heater, dripping condensation line of a central AC, or a basement dehumidifier that’s drying out the moist basement air. 

Types of Basement Drains 

Here are three effective basement drainage solutions that can help you create a dry and safe interior. 

BasementGutter™ Interior Drain 

More of a preemptive solution, an interior drain like the BasementGutter™ system features perforated pipes that collect and carry water to the sump pit, where it’s ejected outside. It’s specially designed to arrest water from your walls, floor, or wall-floor joint. 

It’s usually laid on the subfloor on a trench that’s roughly one foot wide and one foot deep and along the interior perimeter of the basement. Once it’s set, this pipe is covered with gravel or crushed stones that keep mud particles at bay. 

Thanks to its compact shape, the BasementGutter™ won’t mar the visual appeal of your space. Our drains have a clog-free design that ensures they don’t fall prey to mud particles or debris that can obstruct water flow. Best of all, our superior solutions protect your basement from all sides. Your device is also serviced year-round without heavy excavation. 

Basement Floor Drains 

Installed at the lowest point in the basement, the floor drains act as an outlet for unwanted water from condensation or heavy rain. Their installation is done during basement construction, often in the living or utility area. The concrete floor around the drain has to slope gently toward it, encouraging excess water to collect and drain out. Local codes require new homes to have floor drains that direct water to a sump pit. 

Basement Sump Pumps 

If you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, you’ll also want to install a basement sump pump to protect yourself against floodwaters. This device ejects any water collected by the BasementGutter™ or other system before it pools on your floor and causes damage or other problems. Water has to fill the sump pit to a certain level before the pump gets actuated. When the pump comes on, it will move water out of the basement through a drainage pipe. 

At JES, we supply long-lasting and reliable systems like SafeDri™ Sump Pumps that provide adequate waterproofing protection for your home. Available in different sizes and configurations, our sump pumps can avert serious flooding problems. 

Our expert team at JES also recommends that you install high-volume sump pumps with built-in alarms that alert you when water levels rise dangerously. A good pump should also be compact enough not to take up a lot of space. It’s advisable that your device also has an airtight lid to keep out pests, odors, and radon gas. Even more important, you should also invest in a system with a battery backup to keep protecting your home during power outages. 

Protect Your Basement from Water 

While basement drainage solutions don’t eliminate the possibility of flooding, they do help mitigate their effects and prevent water pending downstairs. It’s advisable to pair your BasementGutter™ with a high-volume sump pump like SafeDri™ for ultimate protection. 

With years of waterproofing experience, the experts at JES Foundation Repair can help you install and maintain your basement drains. We use only industry-approved solutions that are backed by manufacturers’ warranties for your peace of mind. 

Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection with us today! 

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