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Wall Anchors for Bowed Basement Walls Virginia, MD, DC

Warrantied Steel Basement Wall Anchors For Bowing, Buckling Walls

JES Wall Anchors permanently stabilize your foundation walls, repairing leaning or bowed walls and cracks.

Find out if JES Wall Anchors are the right solution for your bowed walls. Basement walls with vertical cracks need immediate attention, so request a free foundation evaluation from one of our professional consultants today.

If you’re experiencing structural problems of any kind with your foundation walls, we’re the contractors for you. We have solutions for a wide variety of issues, including the following:


Horizontal or Stair-Step Cracking


Diagonal Cracking at Corners


Inward Bowing or Bulging


Walls Sliding Inwards


Walls Tilting Inward At The Top

basement wall systems wall anchors


Each of our wall anchor systems are custom-designed and installed by our own certified and professionally trained foundation experts.

Our wall anchor systems can solve your bowing, buckling wall problems! Call us for a free foundation wall repair quote today! We serve DC, Southern MD, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Hampton Roads and surrounding areas.

Wall Anchors – How Do They Work?

hydrostatic pressure bowed basement walls

Most foundation walls aren’t built to withstand the added pressure caused by hydrostatic movement. This hydrostastic pressure will force your basement wall to push inward, resulting in a bowed wall.

Foundation wall anchors extend out to the stable, hard-packed soil beyond your home, anchoring themselves there and bracing the foundation wall. This stops inward movement entirely — and over time, tightening these anchors can even move your foundation walls back to their original position.

Foundation wall anchors have been used successfully to stabilize and straighten foundation walls since the late 1970’s. This repair system has an excellent track record in residential and commercial structures. In fact, in 1992, wall anchor systems were identified by a Chief Appraiser for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as the most effective means of stabilizing bowing foundation walls.

basement wall anchor system installedThe Wall Anchor System is recommended by home inspectors, FHA, HUD and engineers. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development specified over 800 of the wall anchors to correct extensive foundation problems at a housing project in Michigan City, Indiana as well as over 400 units in the Crow Creek Development in South Dakota.

Design, engineering, and thousands of installations have proven the system to be the economical and reliable solution of choice for most basement/retaining wall problems.

Benefits of JES Wall Anchors


An Economical Solution to Bowing Walls

Save yourself the cost, stress and mess of replacing a foundation wall. JES Wall Anchors will repair your wall without disrupting your schedule.


Restores Your Property Value

Restore your property value: After installation the JES Wall Anchors will stabilize and strengthen your foundation walls, increasing your living and storage space. And the anchors have a cover, giving them a finished, child-friendly look.


Year-Round Installation

The JES Wall Anchors can be installed year-round.


Lifetime Warranty on Each Wall Anchor

The JES Wall Anchor System is backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee!


Low-Stress - No Mess Installation

The JES Wall Anchors can be installed around beams and decking, with minimal disruption to your landscaping.

Are You Looking For Local Foundation Contractors In Virginia, DC, Maryland, or Northeastern North Carolina?

At JES Foundation Repair our team of in-house foundation experts have warranted solutions for structural issues related to basement wall failure of all types. 

If you would like a free wall anchor quote, we’re ready to help you! Call or e-mail us today to schedule an on-site consultation and written quote!

We’re proud to serve all of Hampton Roads, from Virginia Beach throughout Williamsburg and surrounding areas; Northern Virginia, DC, and Southern Maryland. View a complete list of our service area here.

The Experts at JES can Help!request-free-inspection-jes

If you’re not sure of the source of your foundation problem, give us a call at 757-301-4820, and schedule a free inspection. We’ll find out the cause of the problem and help you find the perfect solution.

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