What’s the Prognosis With Nail Pops?

One of the bigger worries people have regarding nail pops is whether or not you can fix them everywhere.

One of the bigger worries people have regarding nail pops is whether or not you can fix them everywhere. This is especially true when it comes to nail pops in older homes, which are more likely to suffer from structural integrity problems. Whether you have only a few nail pops or you’re dealing with lots of nails coming through the ceiling, here’s what you can expect.

One or Two Nail Pops

When you’re first starting to see nail pops, that’s when you should get in contact with someone. That’s because this could portend a deeper issue, or it could just be a cosmetic problem.

It’s true that sometimes, nail pops are only cosmetic. Although this cosmetic issue can be frustrating, it at least doesn’t mean you’re dealing with a serious structural problem that can lead to additional issues in the future.

When you schedule a free inspection with JES, you’ll get in contact with a foundation repair expert who will perform a thorough foundation inspection. If that expert finds the issue is only cosmetic, you’ll be the first to know.

A Few Nail Pops All Over the House

What if your nail pops are only somewhat common, but they’re coming up all over your home? If you’re seeing nail pops all across your home, it’s more likely that you’re dealing with a structural problem.

Alternately, the nails behind your drywall may be improperly positioned. This could showcase a different problem, although it’s still one you should address as soon as possible.

This is another problem a JES foundation repair expert can tackle for you. Foundation repair experts have plenty of experience with nail pops in older homes, nail pops in walls, and many other types of nail pops. They’ll be able to give you more understanding of what’s going on.

Nail Pops Everywhere

It’s most concerning if you’re starting to see nail pops everywhere, including in the ceiling, in the walls, and more. That means there’s a deep structural problem.

Ideally, you want to get in contact with an expert long before this happens. If you get in contact when you start to see only a few nail pops, it’ll be easier for you to fix whatever’s happening.

This is the point where you absolutely need to contact a JES foundation repair expert. If you don’t fix the foundational problems you’re experiencing, you run the risk of a much larger foundation issue, up to and even including having your home collapse.

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