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What Causes Foundation Failure?

A few things are most commonly associated with foundation failure:  

Poor foundation construction and poor soil preparation are two sides of the same coin. They both illustrate something that happens when the initial preparation of the ground for your home is incorrect. These aren’t quite as common, because most construction crews take great pride in the value of their work, but they can happen. 

As a general rule, the root ball of a tree stretches out as wide as the part of the tree you can see. That means if there’s a large tree near your home and the branches are shading your roof, the roots are probably growing under your foundation. This is an interesting variety of foundation failure you might not see coming. 

Water problems and dry heat cause essentially opposing problems. When the soil takes in a lot of water, it will expand, forcing excess strain on your foundation walls. When the soil dries out, it will shrink, leaving your foundation walls with little to no support. This constant pushing and pulling on your home’s foundation takes a significant toll on your home and can eventually lead to foundation failure.

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