What Can I Do to Fix My Home’s Bouncy, Squeaky Floors?

Bouncy and squeaky floors typically indicate that your floor joists need additional support. There are many reasons your floor joists might not have the amount of support they need. For example, the home could suffer from a design flaw, the construction workers may not have installed the right floor joists, or there could have been a heavy renovation that put too much stress on the floor joints. 

While this is definitely a serious problem, it’s also not the only option if you have bouncy and squeaky floors. Bouncy and uneven floors are a common sign of wood rot, which can spread like wildfire through a home and is near-impossible to get rid of. Clearly, it’s something you need to take seriously. 

Fixing these bouncy and squeaky floors isn’t as easy as just sistering the joist or adding a brick underneath the bouncy parts. You need a professional who will be able to inspect the area, then give you information about what’s wrong and what you can do to fix it. These foundation problems, especially if they’re highly noticeable, should be left to the professionals.

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