Underpinning and House Leveling

If you’re looking into underpinning because you’re dealing with a sunken home, you’re going to have to address the problem of house leveling. Many homeowners don’t understand the difference between underpinning and home leveling, but they’re actually two different things.

Homes that are already unleveled need different types of attention. Here’s what you need to know about home leveling in the context of underpinning.

The Differences Between the Two

First off, there are differences between home leveling and underpinning. The difference mainly comes from the reason behind the process and the fact that you need to do them in a very particular order.

Some underpinning methods that JES uses can level the home and also provide stability at the same time. However, they’re simply not a “one size fits all” that works for every single home. That means you and a JES expert will have to come up with a personalized answer for your underpinning needs.

If your home already has leveling problems, that’s something to talk about with a JES expert. An inspection can let you know whether you can level and stabilize at the same time, or whether these two things will need to occur separately.

Tackling the Cause of Home Settling 

One reason you can’t just underpin a home that’s already settled is because it doesn’t tackle the root cause of the settling. It’s important to tackle the cause of the settling because if you don’t, you’re setting yourself up for the same problems to rise again in the future.

Instead, it’s important that you determine the cause of the settling and take steps to avoid it happening again. That way, you’re actually fixing the issues causing the various symptoms.

If you don’t know what’s causing your home settling, don’t worry. That’s pretty normal among homeowners. Get in contact with a JES expert to schedule a free foundation inspection and learn what’s happening under your home.

Stabilizing Before Underpinning

If your home is settling, you can use underpinning to increase your home’s stability. You just have to do it after you use a stabilization method that will level your home again. With this method of doing both processes one after the other, it’s easier to make sure your home actually stays stable.

Remember that there’s no real way to know what your home’s going to have to go through until you get information from an expert. After all, there are many different reasons for underpinning and stabilizing, and you need to tailor yours to your specific home.

The best way to prepare for house leveling is to make sure you have an expert who can do it properly. Get in contact with JES to schedule your free inspection and learn more about what might need to happen to make your home safe and stable.

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