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Potential Future Problems With a Slab Foundation Crack

It should be clear why you should look into your cracked slab foundation. However, if you want additional reasons to discuss slab foundation repair with a JES expert, you may want to know what could happen if you ignore the concrete slab foundation cracks.

Although there are many potential problems that can arise if you ignore slab foundation problems, these are the most common.

More Significant Settling

If you don’t fix the settling problems that are causing a crack in your slab foundation, you’re opening the door to more settling in the future. These settling issues typically don’t go away until you get involved.

Remember, settling doesn’t just cause foundation cracks. It can have very serious impacts on the rest of your home as well.

The settling problems won’t stop, and will likely continue at an accelerated rate. If you want to avoid continued settling of the home as a whole, you need to talk to a JES expert about halting the home-settling entirely.

Home Instability

Foundation problems can lead to a variety of home instability issues. Your home’s foundation is what gives your home its stability. Therefore, if the foundation starts to have problems, so will the rest of the home.

These problems can take a variety of forms. You can experience issues ranging from slight floor sinking to entire walls falling down or even the entire structure crumbling.

Although home instability doesn’t typically get that bad without noticing extreme symptoms and signs, you should act on the earliest signs possible. Talk to a JES expert about your options regarding potential home instability from your foundation.

Moisture and Flooding 

When your foundation has a serious crack in it, that crack may come from a problem like hydrostatic pressure, which is the pressure exerted by water at rest. If so, the crack will then start to let in moisture from the outside.

Depending on the intensity of the moisture, this can cause anything from humidity upticks to complete flooding of your basement. Either of these can have serious consequences.

Moisture is a huge problem for your crawl space or basement in general, and the problem only gets worse with standing water. If you’re dealing with water in your crawl space or basement, a JES expert can help you formulate a solution.

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