How Can I Achieve Foundation Repair?

There are four common methods for foundation repair. 

  • Underpinning 

Foundation underpinning strengthens and stabilizes your home’s existing foundation. For underpinning, you will have a structure that an expert will install underneath your foundation, providing additional support to the home. Foundation underpinning often requires a pier system, such as helical pierspush piers, or slab piers. Foundation underpinning can stabilize your home and even lift it back up to its initial level. 

  • Foundation Pilings 

If you have a deep foundation, which is installed into a stable soil level for extra stability and support, there are a few ways you can repair and stabilize it. One method is foundation pilings, which are also called concrete pilings. However, JES prefers to stay away from foundation pilings because they require a pile driver to pound the piling into the soil; this disruptive process can damage landscaping and nearby buildings.  

  • Steel Pier Systems 

Rather than using foundation pilings, JES only uses galvanized steel pier systems. That’s because galvanized steel pier systems are stronger and safer than concrete pilings; they withstand the test of time, and they’re certain to be a permanent solution to your settling issues. Plus, galvanized steel pier systems are cleaner and less invasive than concrete pilings, so you don’t have to worry about either temporary or permanent property damage. 

  • House Leveling  

House leveling is essentially a secondary step of foundation repair. This step restores the home back to its original position. However, before you can engage in house leveling, you need to stabilize your foundation. That means you have to use JES’s foundation repair solutions to lift your home and stabilize your foundation before you do any house leveling.

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