Can I DIY a Floor and Wall Gap Fix?

Home repairs can be expensive, especially when you’re repairing an extremely important part of the home like your foundation.

Home repairs can be expensive, especially when you’re repairing an extremely important part of the home like your foundation. To save money, some people turn to DIY repairs, hoping it’ll make the process a little easier. Although this can be very helpful for some repairs, it’s not helpful for all of them, and that includes floor and wall gaps. 

Quick Fixes Quickly Fail

Beware of any DIY fix that promises a quick solution for these gaps. These gaps form over many years because of a variety of factors. That means you’re not going to be able to fix them overnight.

Anything that promises a quick fix will likely end up failing just as quickly. Plus, you’re dealing with your home’s foundation in this case, which requires a very delicate touch. If you don’t know what you’re doing, that failure can become much more serious.

Instead, trust the experts at JES. The JES foundation repair experts will help you understand more about your foundation and give you in-depth information about the repairs they’re recommending. 

Different Issues Need Different Fixes

Even if you’re experiencing the same issue as someone else on the surface, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s happening for the same reason. You need to fix the problem, not fix one specific symptom.

For example, if you have a separation between the floor and the wall, you may be having an issue with soil under your home or it could be sagging floor joists. Those two problems will need dramatically different solutions, and you can’t transpose one over the other.

Instead of trying to determine the right solution from the symptoms you can see, you can call in a foundation repair expert from JES. With the diagnostic tools these experts use, it’s easier to see exactly what the problem is so you can fix it. 

Professionals Know What They’re Doing

At the end of the day, it’s better to call in a professional simply because professional consultants know what they’re doing. You might not know a lot about your home’s foundation, and nobody’s expecting you to. However, that means you shouldn’t go poking around in your foundation alone.

A professional foundation repair expert, on the other hand, knows how to diagnose issues and repair them. That makes it easier for you to get back to living in a strongly constructed home.

Instead of trying to do this complicated fix on your own, contact JES for a free inspection. You’ll get the information you need to start an efficient and effective fix.

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