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Basement Wall Systems: Stability With Wall Anchors

basement wall systems wall anchors

Are you having foundation problems due to cracks in your basement walls? Possibly bowing or tilting? If so, basement wall systems will 

provide the stability your home needs. JES Wall Anchors, for instance, are a great solution that permanently stabilize your foundation walls.

Furthermore, JES Wall Anchors repair leaning or bowed walls and cracks. This includes a variety of cracks that are detrimental to your home’s foundation, such as diagonal, horizontal, vertical, and stair-step cracking.

Basement wall systems are custom-designed to fit your home’s needs. However, they should always be installed by certified and professionally trained foundation technicians. Stabilizing your home’s foundation is not a “do-it-yourself” project by any means.

Basement Wall Systems: How Do JES Wall Anchors Work?

JES Wall Anchors extend away from your home into stable and hard-packed soil, anchoring against the soil while bracing the foundation wall. This system stops any movement towards your home. Moreover, by tightening and adjusting these anchors, your foundation walls will move back to their original position.

In fact, foundation wall anchors have been used by engineers since the late 1970’s and are recommended by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Basement Wall Systems: Benefits Of JES Wall Anchors

basement wall anchor system installedJES Wall Anchors come with a bevy of benefits to both your home and your pockets. First and foremost, JES Wall Anchors will save you the cost of replacing a foundation wall. Also, the installation process is less stressful for homeowners and doesn’t create a mess like other basement wall systems. Additionally, the JES Wall Anchor System causes minimal disruption to your landscaping and is backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Outside of wall anchors, there are other options to stabilizing your basement walls. For instance, a wall reinforcement system is a common solution that will also serve as a permanent fix. In this case, a fiber-reinforced polymer, which is ten times stronger than steel, is installed flat against your basement walls to secure your foundation.carbon fiber wall system

Wall reinforcement is a tested solution that straps to your basement walls with a strong epoxy resin. Once installation is finished and the resin dries, you can cover the straps with paint or wall panels.

Living in a home with a basement has plenty of benefits. From multi-purpose uses to sloping lots, basements have provided families with an economic way of creating extra space in their home. However, it isn’t wise to ignore your basement as moisture damage, cracks, and bowing walls are devastating to your home’s foundation.

Basement wall systems offer a permanent solution to stabilize your foundation from bowing and cracked walls. Have your home inspected by JES and we’ll provide the proper repairs for your home’s specific needs.

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