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bad sump pump installation

Why DIY Waterproofing Could Leave Your Home at Risk

Waterproofing your home is a risky business when you don’t have the experience or right tools – here are some things to consider.

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The unique subterranean location of basements inherently makes them more susceptible to water intrusion and dampness compared to other parts of a home. This susceptibility is exacerbated in regions known for their cold and wet climate conditions.

During the construction phase, builders do incorporate measures to waterproof a home. However, over time, properties undergo a process known as settling, which can lead to the formation of small cracks in walls and basement floors. These minor fractures can become entry points for moisture, often causing a certain degree of dampness in most basements.

The level of dampness in a home is influenced by a variety of factors, which can complicate the task of addressing this issue for many homeowners. An effective repair approach hinges on successfully identifying every potential cause of dampness. Consequently, expert assessment and comprehensive waterproofing solutions become crucial in tackling basement dampness and ensuring the home’s overall health.

bad sump pump installation

Risks of DIY Basement Fixes and the Value of Hiring a Professional

DIY enthusiasts and online influencers often make home repairs seem effortless. However, the reality is that such repairs often need years of experience and specialized tools. While trial-and-error may work for minor projects, like fixing a bookshelf, basement issues require expert handling. Here are some pitfalls that could occur from an improperly executed DIY fix or basement waterproofing effort:

Amplified Damage due to Incomplete Repairs

Applying a DIY fix without identifying all the causes of a problem, such as sources of dampness, can lead to larger repair costs. In addition to addressing the initially overlooked issues, you may also have to redo cosmetic fixes.

Persistent Issues from Hidden Problems

If you treat an isolated problem without evaluating the overall condition of your basement, you risk masking other existing issues. Once hidden, these issues become difficult to address without potentially worsening the situation. Engaging a professional ensures a comprehensive assessment and treatment of all potential problems.

Mishaps from Misuse or Incorrect Installation

Even with a clear understanding of the issue and the necessary solution, it’s wise to involve a professional for proper execution. Improper usage or installation could worsen the situation or create new problems. For instance, purchasing an underpowered sump pump or incorrectly installing it could lead to a flooded basement and a heftier repair bill.

These represent some of the potential pitfalls of DIY home repairs and waterproofing tasks, and underscore why professional involvement is crucial.

The Professional Advantage

Basement repair specialists possess the expertise to ensure that your home remains secure and dry, regardless of the issues encountered. They can also handle more severe problems like bowed walls, cracked foundations, and uneven floors, often indicative of structural damage. These problems require prompt and efficient resolution to maintain your home’s integrity. Signs of leaning, bulging, or sagging in your floors and walls warrant immediate professional attention.

Not only can a professional accurately diagnose the cause of the damage and suggest effective solutions, but they can also help manage expenses through reasonable and manageable payment plans. Essentially, professional basement repair offers quality assurance and peace of mind regarding your home’s structure. If you need assistance with permanent basement repairs, contact our team at JES Foundation Repair for a complimentary inspection and repair estimate.

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