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DIY Waterproofing Could Leave Your Home at Risk

Waterproofing your home is a risky business when you don’t have the experience or right tools – here are some things to consider.

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Because of its subterranean positioning, the basement is more vulnerable than most parts of your home to water encroachment and dampness. After all, Manassas, VA, is known for its cold and wet winters. Of course, builders do take steps to waterproof a home during construction, but properties settle over time and this can cause small cracks in the walls and basement floor. As a result, there tends to be some level of dampness in any basement.
Of course, the level of dampness in a home is affected by a number of factors, which makes addressing this issue tough for many homeowners. After all, a successful repair relies on identifying any and all causes of dampness successfully.

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What Happens When DIY Goes Wrong (and Why You Should Hire A Pro) 

DIY pros and bloggers make fixing your property sound easy, but the truth is that it often requires years of experience and special tools to tackle the issues they discuss. While it’s all fine to “trial and error” your way through a bookshelf repair, fixing issues in your basement should be left to those who know what they’re doing. Here are some of the problems you could face if you implement a faulty DIY fix or poorly install a waterproofing measure in your basement: 

Increased Damage as a Result of Partial Fixes 

If you fail to find all causes of a particular issue, such as all sources of dampness, and you apply a hasty DIY fix, you will end up facing higher repair costs in the end. Not only will you need to fix the undiscovered source of dampness, but you may also need to redo cosmetic repairs. 

Recurring Issues as a Result of Concealed Problems 

If you repair one issue without fully assessing the health of your basement, you could cover up other pre-existing issues. Once they are concealed, it can be very difficult to investigate without making it worse. If you hire a professional to assess the state of your basement and address your concerns, however, you can be sure they will look for other warning signs as they go. 

Damage as a Result of Improper Product Usage or Installation 

Even if you are certain you know exactly what needs to be done and what the proper fix is, you should still contact a professional to make sure the situation is handled well. If you don’t, you could end up causing more damage or allowing a problem to snowball. For example, if you know you need a sump pump, but you buy one that is not powerful enough or you install it incorrectly, you could end up with a flooded basement and a much bigger repair bill. 
These are just some of the potential side effects of trying to take a DIY approach to home repair and waterproofing jobs, but they are the most serious. 

What a Professional Can do For You 

Professional basement repair specialists are perfectly placed to make sure your home stays safe and dry no matter what kinds of issues you have. 
A professional will also be able to help you deal with more serious issues like bowing walls, cracked foundation, and uneven floors. These problems are most commonly signs of structural damage and instability. As such, they must be dealt with quickly and efficiently if you want to maintain the integrity of your home. If you see any signs of a leaning, bulging, or sagging in your floors and walls, you should call a professional immediately! 

Not only will a professional be able to effectively diagnose the cause of this damage, and the damage caused by it, but they will be able to suggest and implement effective solutions

Better yet, they can help you spread the cost by setting up a payment plan that is both reasonable and manageable. In short, what a professional basement repair does for you is give you peace of mind and a guaranteed level of quality in all repairs. When it comes to the structure of your home, this is all-important! For help with permanently repairing your basement, contact the team at JES Foundation Repair for a free inspection and repair estimate today!

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