Will a Dehumidifier Fix Water Problems in the Crawl Space?

Although a crawl space dehumidifier may be a great tool for some crawl spaces, it won’t fix your water problems. What it can do is help you deal with water problems that are unavoidable; for example, a crawl space dehumidifier can help you keep your crawl space dry if you live in an extremely humid area. 

However, you can’t put up a crawl space dehumidifier in a space full of standing groundwater and expect it to fix the problem. You need to first collect and then pump out all standing water, remove all entrances for water in the future, then add a dehumidifier if you still need it to maintain a healthy, dry crawl space. 

Anytime you have water problems in your crawl space, it’s crucial that you fix the source of the problems long before you install a dehumidifier. This can be a great second step, but it should never be your first step. Contact a JES expert to learn more about how you can get to the point of installing a dehumidifier.

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