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Why is My Driveway Sinking?

The first question you might have is why the driveway’s sinking in the first place. There are many reasons you may be experiencing sinking in your driveway. These problems typically need to be addressed in different ways.

If you’re experiencing driveway sinking, it’s likely that one of these reasons is the culprit.

Structural Problems 

Are you also having structural problems in the rest of your home? If so, you may just live in an area more likely to experience structural problems.

Unfortunately, structural problems like abnormal soil can lead to concrete sinking on a general basis, not just if the concrete was poured improperly. You may have concrete sinking happen with your driveway regardless of how well the ground was prepared beforehand.

This can be a serious problem if you want to have a driveway that doesn’t constantly sink. It’s important to get a professional who can tell you more about your structural problems and how to fix them.

Improper Pouring 

This can happen if the construction crew that poured the concrete didn’t do it properly. There are many ways a company can pour concrete improperly, from mixing the concrete badly to not packing down the soil tightly enough.

Improper pouring may need complete re-pouring. However, this depends on the concrete slab; even if the concrete isn’t as solid as other types of concrete, you may be able to handle it if you’re able to come up with a thoughtful way to maximize your existing concrete.

With soil poured improperly, you need to make sure you’re addressing it properly. There’s no need to compile mistakes. That’s why a professional expert can be one of your best resources during this process.

Poor Design 

What if your driveway suffers from poor design? This can be a significant problem because it may mean your driveway rests improperly. That poor design can also impact parts of the driveway you weren’t aware of.

The easiest way to fix poor design is simply to re-pour the driveway. However, this may not always be feasible. If the driveway rests on abnormal soil, stretches out too far, or has other design flaws, you may still be able to save it with a knowledgeable expert at the ready.

There are many ways to fix the poor design. Some of them may need you to re-pour the concrete, while some of them may provide options for effective concrete leveling. It’s important that you consult an expert to guide you through this process. 

Natural Settling 

Natural settling is something that will happen with all driveways. When it comes to natural settling, it’s important to remember that your settling shouldn’t be super expansive or super dramatic. However, it may still be noticeable.

Concrete leveling and other similar options work well for natural settling. That’s because there’s nothing wrong with the concrete. It’s just sinking as expected. However, this natural settling can be a problem anyway.

If you’re dealing with natural settling problems, be aware that this is potentially the best settling problem you could have. Consider your options with an expert backing you up and letting you know the best options.

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