Why Do I Need an Expert for Crawl Space Drainage Solutions?

Many homeowners look to DIY solutions to try and find a more cost-effective way of maintaining their homes. However, while this might be applicable for some situations, it won’t be for a crawl space drainage system.

Why do you need to look to JES for your crawl space drainage? These are a few reasons why.

Find the Real Problem

It’s not enough to just install a sump pump to pump out water, ignoring why the water’s coming in at all. You need to discover the real problem that’s causing your crawl space moisture. That way, you can cut it off at the root.

A free inspection from a JES expert will reveal these issues in your home. You can see why water’s collecting in your crawl space and basement, and then you’ll be able to learn what to do about it.

It’s extremely important to find the real problem when it comes to these issues. After all, if you don’t, you risk continuing damage. That’s why so many people trust JES to tell them the truth about their home and repair problems. 

Perform a Professional Encapsulation

Encapsulation is another thing you need to do professionally. If you don’t have a professional encapsulation, you could miss something. While moisture is not good, it does help uncover cracks in your home.

If you make even the slightest mistake with an encapsulation, you may find that it actually doesn’t work. The last thing you want to do is learn that your encapsulation “fix” didn’t actually fix anything and you kept experiencing the problem through the last few months or years.

The professional nature of the encapsulation option at JES is perfect for anyone who’s currently dealing with moisture issues. You can schedule a free inspection from JES to learn more and choose your solution. 

Save Money

Even though you’ll have to spend money to fix the problem, opting for a professional solution can help you save money. That’s because a professional solution will stop the problem and avoid future problems.

When you choose a professional fix over a DIY fix, you know you’re going to get the right fix the first time, eliminating the need to go back and fix things again. You’ll also ensure that you get the fix necessary to stop moisture, which can itself be damaging to your energy bills each month.

It might seem a little counterintuitive, but deciding to go with a professional is the most cost-effective way of combating crawl space moisture. Talk to a JES crawl space repair expert to learn more about your options and schedule a free inspection today.

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