Why Do I Need a Crawl Space Liner?

A vapor barrier liner can be tempting to ignore or do away with all but entirely. Some people see, for example, that the IRC only requires a 6-mil or less vapor barrier liner, and proceed to decide that they should only fulfill the minimum requirements and no more.

However, a 6-mil vapor barrier liner is thin and easy to tear. You’re going to need to replace these vapor barrier liners regularly, and that cost will add up dramatically. Plus, even the smallest gap is enough for moisture to rise up through the crawl space liner, which means a 6-mil vapor barrier liner might not even work properly.

The only option should be a professional-grade crawl space vapor barrier liner. JES uses the CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Encapsulation System, which is a 20-mil vapor barrier liner. Only with this strong liner can you make sure you’re getting the protection you need.

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