What Causes High Electric Bills?

There are many reasons you might end up with high electric bills. Here are a few of the most common reasons for a higher electric bill than you might have thought you would end up with.  

Crawl Space Humidity 

One of the biggest reasons for high electric bills is high crawl space humidity. Although it may seem strange that crawl space humidity would have such an impact on your electric bills for the entire house, it’s important to remember that crawl space humidity rarely stays in the crawl space. Rather, it rises up through the rest of the home as well. 

This high indoor humidity is extremely bad for your home as a whole, but it has a particularly substantial effect on your energy bills. Humid air is more difficult to process, and it’s more likely to feel warmer than it actually is. For both of these reasons, you’re more likely to use more electricity in cooling your home, which will make your electric bills go up. 

Vented Crawl Spaces  

Crawl spaces have had vents included in the designs for decades now because of a misguided belief that it would make the crawl space less humid. However, if you have a vented crawl space, it’s actually very likely that you’ll end up with crawl space humidity. These two factors combined mean that vented crawl spaces are, by their very nature, bound to end up increasing your electricity bills. 

Additionally, when you have open crawl space vents, you’re giving an opening for the air in your home to escape. You’ve already conditioned this air, ensuring that it’s at the right temperature for your liking, so why would you let it drift outside? That’s why you should avoid open crawl space vents the same way you avoid leaving the windows and doors open. 

Dirt Crawl Spaces  

A dirt crawl space is more cost-effective for the builders of a home than concrete or other crawl space material. That’s led to many building companies choosing dirt crawl spaces for their designs. After all, this allows them to make more of a profit. The problem is that a dirt crawl space is in no way more cost-effective for you as a homeowner. 

When you have a dirt crawl space that’s wholly or partially exposed, you’re going to have high crawl space humidity. Even if you do your best to dry out the dirt that’s currently exposed, it’s not going to help; moisture in the ground goes way down, further than you’ll be able to dry out, and that moisture will release into the air at some point. 

General High Humidity  

It’s also possible that your home might have generally high humidity. If it doesn’t stem from your crawl space, this usually means that you live in a place with very high humidity, and your home therefore has those same high levels of humidity. This can be very frustrating to many people, and it can be both uncomfortable and bad for your wallet. 

In this situation, once you’ve ruled out all other potential causes of high humidity, you may need to install a dehumidifier that can help you get your home back to a comfortable level of moisture. However, it’s important that you do everything necessary to check that the high levels of humidity don’t come from an external source so you know you’re tackling the base problem.

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