What Can a Poor Crawl Space Drainage System Do?

Of course, even though a crawl space drainage system should exist in your home, you might not know whether it works. There are a surprising number of poor crawl space drainage systems out there, which means yours might not be functioning its best.

What might that mean for your home? These are just a few effects that system can have.

Mold and Mildew

If you allow moisture to grow in your crawl space, you’re almost certainly going to start seeing mold and mildew. Mold grows best in conditions around 70% relative humidity, but that’s a loose number, and it’s common for it to appear even in lower-humidity spaces.

It’s important to note that if you have standing water in your crawl space, you likely already have 70% relative humidity or higher. Even if you don’t have that percentage across the entirety of the crawl space, mold and mildew can grow on the wet surfaces.

These problems can lead to serious health hazards, not only for your family in a moldy home but also for you if you try to remove it yourself. Instead, consult a JES expert to learn more about removal. 

Wood Rot

Wood rot is a specific fungus that grows on wet wood. As it grows, it eats away at the wood, causing it to become soft and bouncy. Extreme situations of wood rot can lead to sagging floors and even floors collapsing.

Even if you don’t have this specific type of fungus, you may still suffer from soft floors. Having water constantly in your crawl space can make the wood feel less supportive, which can still lead to problems.

Whether you have wood rot, or you just have general structural integrity issues, you certainly need to address them. Otherwise, the problem can mount into something much more dangerous. A JES professional can make it easier to understand and fix your wet wood issues. 

Home Humidity

The humidity in your crawl space doesn’t just stay in your crawl space. Especially if you have open vents in your crawl space, the air can rise from the bottom of your home all the way through it, causing that humidity to rise too.

High levels of humidity in your home can lead to breathing problems, especially in ill or elderly people. It can also make the home feel more uncomfortable, causing you to run your air conditioner more and run up your electricity bill.

This is a financial and health issue, and it’s important to tackle it. If you feel like your home is more humid than normal, you need to talk to a JES expert to see how you can fix the humidity problems you’re experiencing.

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