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The Negatives of Ignoring Crawl Space Water Problems

What happens if you choose to just ignore the crawl space water problems you’re having right now? Bad news: It’s just going to get worse. 

Ruins Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space water almost always ruins the insulation inside. Crawl space insulation protects the air in your crawl space from becoming warm and muggy, but wet crawl space insulation does almost nothing.

That can have a significant impact on your crawl space. 

Insulation is an important part of your crawl space, and it’s important that you maintain its strength. If you’re seeing crawl space insulation problems, you need to notice these issues, fix the root cause, then replace the crawl space insulation.

Rots Wood

Wood rot and similar fungus or insect infestations happen most commonly in warm and wet situations. Plus, wood holds onto water for a long time. If you have a damp crawl space, you’re likely to end up with wood rot because the dampness will probably leech into the wood, creating the perfect place for wood rot to take root.

It’s also important to note that wood rot isn’t the only potential problem wood can end up with. Many different fungal and insect-based infestations can cause similar problems, and wet crawl spaces can even contribute to the natural degradation of the wood.

Creates an Environment for Mold and Dust Mites

Another pest-related concern is mold and dust mites. Both of these are incredibly bad for allergies, skin issues, and respiratory concerns. In fact, if you tend to have reactions to existing pests or dirt in your home and you have a dirt crawl space, you’re almost certainly having allergic reactions because of these pest concerns.

Mold and dust mites are very common in wet crawl spaces. After all, mold typically requires a very high level of moisture to grow and thrive. If you haven’t spent time making sure the levels of moisture in your crawl space are low, you’re essentially inviting mold in.  

Rises Through Your Home

The stack effect happens when you have openings in both your crawl space and your attic. Air enters the crawl space of your home, and as it warms up, it rises until it escapes out the attic. It’s an effect that happens in all homes with openings in the crawl space and attic.

When you have a clean crawl space with no openings, you don’t have to worry about the stack effect. However, if there are mold spores, dirt particles, and dust mites in the crawl space, the stack effect will bring these all the way up through your home, causing it to get dirty and cause respiratory issues.

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