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The Causes of Concrete Porch Damage

Sure, these types of concrete porch damage can be concerning, but why do they exist? Many people don’t understand what causes these problems. After all, if concrete really is so strong, shouldn’t you be able to just leave it alone?

Even though concrete is a very strong material, you still need to support it. These are some problems that may inhibit that. 

Soil Settling

Your home naturally settles over time and a small amount of settling is normal. Even if the initial construction team ensured that the soil was prepared properly, nothing can truly prepare the soil for years upon years of pressure.

However, the problem can arise when the home is too heavy for the ground it’s on or when water starts to wash away the soil around your home. In these situations, it’s common for the home to sink too much, which can cause severe structural problems.

In these situations, you usually won’t just experience settling on your porch. You’ll also see it in your basement or crawl space and the inside of your home. Anytime you start to see excessive settling, you should tackle it as soon as possible. 

Improper Construction

Improper construction can take many forms. It may mean the home’s designer didn’t take soil load-bearing weight into account, or the construction crew didn’t prepare the soil properly before pouring the concrete porch.

Regardless of where the construction went wrong, you’ll probably start to see the same problems you would see with soil settling. Improper construction tends to result in these problems more often, which means you may start seeing it early in the newer homes as well. 

Excess Water

Another common reason for serious concrete porch problems is excess water. That may be flooding on the outside, flooding under your home, plumbing leaks in and around your home, or rainwater flooding onto your porch from your downspouts.

The first thing you need to do with excess water is to remove whatever’s causing the water to flood around your porch. You can’t fix your porch if it’s constantly underwater or surrounded by water. That’s true regardless of the problems the water is causing.

When it comes to excess water, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional. A JES expert can not only help you understand where the water is coming from but also help you develop a plan to tackle that problem.

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