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The Benefits of the IntelliJack Foundation Jack

JES recommends the IntelliJack Crawl Space Stabilizer system. That’s because this system actually fixes the problems you’re probably having in your crawl space to create sinking. It permanently lifts and stabilizes beams in your crawl space in a way nothing else can.

If you’re not sure why you should choose the IntelliJack Crawl Space Stabilizer system, consider these benefits. 


This is a huge benefit to the IntelliJack system over other solutions out there. If your home settles further or you have additional settling problems, you can actually adjust the IntelliJack system, which is something you can’t do with concrete stabilizers.

Not only is the IntelliJack system adjustable, but once you adjust it, it’ll stay in that position. The IntelliJack system will make sure your home gets the support it needs, whether it stays at its current state or it settles further in the future.

Weak Soil Solution 

What if you have weak soil in your foundation? The IntelliJack system addresses that as well. Instead of just relying on the weak soil you already have, you can replace that soil with a stronger option. With this specially engineered fill, you don’t have to worry about weak soil when you can instead rely on something even better.

This is important because other solutions don’t even touch the potential problem of weak soil. If you have weak soil, your foundation jacks need to take that problem into account. With a weak soil solution like the IntelliJack system offers, you’ll be more well-equipped to handle the problem of further settling because of poor foundational support.

High Capacity 

You want to make sure you don’t just have something that can support your foundation. You want your system to be able to actually lift it back to its proper position. That’s why foundation lifting jacks are so important. If your foundation has currently started to sink dramatically, you need an option that can raise your foundation high enough to put it back to where it started.

That’s where the IntelliJack system comes in. It has the capacity to lift 24,860 pounds. With this massive capacity, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your foundation floor jacks are up to the task, because you already know they are.

A Long-Term Answer 

Temporary house foundation jacks can make the problem worse because they don’t actually help. Instead, they just put a bandage over the problem. All the while, the situation will continue to deteriorate, making it more difficult for you to maintain your foundation over time.

Instead, the IntelliJack system gives you a long-term answer that’s easier to maintain and simpler to manage. You can adjust it to suit your current and future needs, and its strength makes sure you don’t have anything to worry about in the future.

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