Step Two: Close Crawl Space Vents and Doors

The next step in the crawl space encapsulation process is to make sure nothing can get in if you don’t want it to. The first way of doing that is to close all your crawl space vents and doors. If you have a home that already has crawl space vents, which describes most homes in these areas, it’s typically as easy as installing a crawl space vent cover, although it may be a little more difficult in certain situations.

Closing the crawl space doors is also important. Obviously, you want crawl space doors that you keep closed for the most part, but this is more than about making sure raccoons and criminals can’t get into your crawl space. It’s also about making sure that high-moisture air and tiny pests like insects can’t get into your crawl space. There are many great ways to ensure this, so look into the crawl space encapsulation options available.

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