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Should I Remove the Sump Pump Alarm?

It can be startling to hear the sump pump alarm sound. You should learn what to do when your sump pump alarm goes off before it does, so you know how to jump into action. Do not unplug your sump pump, but you may need to remove the sump pump alarm for a short period of time.

If the water has risen quickly, or it’s still rising, triggering the alarm, it may mean the pump is having a tough time keeping up with the rain. However, if you can still hear the sump pump working, it means it’s still trying to pump out the water. Dry off the alarm and set it aside out of the reach of water. Let the pump work until it’s gotten rid of the water, and then replace the alarm.

To be on the safe side, you’ll also want to call your local waterproofing specialist to make sure that your pump is operating at peak efficiency.