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Joist Failure Problems

uneven, unlevel, sloping floor

Why should you fix this joist failure before it’s too late? Consider these much more serious problems that joist failure often develops into.

Sagging, Bouncy, and Uneven Floors  

Although this is a sign of joist failure, it can also easily be something that develops more extensively the longer you have joist failure concerns. If you choose not to address joist failure, it’s very common for the sagging, bouncy, uneven floors to become extremely obvious, sometimes to a jarring point.

As mentioned earlier, this can become so prevalent that it even makes it impossible to handle interior decorating properly. If you’ve avoided addressing joist failure for so long that stacks of dishes and other items fall over if you try to place them in a specific room of your home, it’s vital that you address it now.

Tripping and Walking Concerns

This is especially important if you have elderly or disabled members of your family that regularly walk around your home, but it’s important for anyone. Even someone who can walk just fine around a regular home may end up tripping when the floor isn’t straight and even.

Additionally, when you have sagging and uneven floors because of floor joist issues, it’s common for one room to be completely different than another room. This can cause the floor to raise or lower between two separate rooms, sometimes dramatically. That’s a blatant tripping hazard, and it’s important to pay attention to it.

Foundation Failure

In extremely severe cases where you don’t handle floor joist failure as soon as possible, you can experience complete foundation failure. In this situation, the floor joists may suddenly break one day, causing the floor to cave in.

Obviously, this is an extremely scary possibility. There are many people who fear the possibility they could end up experiencing foundation failure. The best way for you to avoid this extremely scary possibility is to tackle floor joist failure as soon as you can and to schedule regular inspections for your foundation.

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