Is It Possible for Me to DIY a Crawl Space Encapsulation Fix?

The growth of DIY fixes has led to an unprecedented number of things you may be able to fix all on your own. However, it’s not always possible to handle problems by yourself. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t DIY crawl space encapsulation. 

Difficulty in Performing the Fix  

Obviously, the biggest problem with a DIY crawl space encapsulation fix is that it’s often very difficult for laymen to understand how to encapsulate a crawl space. There’s a reason crawl space repair experts train for years to gain the right information to do this properly every time; as someone without that training, you may have a hard time. 

This could cause you to have a lot of issues when you go to perform the crawl space encapsulation. Difficulty in and of itself could cause you to give up halfway through, and a crawl space expert would have to fix what you’ve already done and then continue the process. No matter the end result, this difficulty can be very detrimental to the encapsulation process. 

Plenty of Places for Something to Go Wrong  

Crawl space encapsulation might not seem like the most difficult process, but there are many places where something could go wrong in it. For example, you could accidentally not seal up the entire crawl space. You might overlook some debris when cleaning the space. You might not apply the crawl space vent covers properly. 

With so many places to go wrong, it’s easy to see how a DIY fix could very easily fail. That’s exactly why it’s so important to handle your crawl space encapsulation through an expert. That way, you can know that every part is as well taken care of as possible, so you don’t have to constantly wonder whether something is going to go wrong. 

Unique Tools That Aren’t Available  

One of the reasons an expert can often handle these problems more easily is because they have access to a wide variety of unique tools. You may be able to get some of these unique tools on your own, but the problem is that they’re often expensive and difficult to get, which makes it less likely for you to save money with a DIY fix. 

When a crawl space repair expert buys these tools, they’re planning to spread the price of the tool out over many different encapsulations. However, you only have to do one, which makes these tools much less cost-effective. This is a hidden reason why your DIY fix may actually end up costing you more than you thought it would. 

An Incomplete Fix  

The last problem you might run into is the problem of an incomplete fix. You may be able to do some of this work, but not others. For example, you might end up being able to put up the crawl space vapor barrier in most of the crawl space, but run into problems when you’re trying to put the crawl space vapor barrier around columns or concrete block supports. 

This incomplete fix really won’t help you. Although you might think it’s better than no fix at all, that’s generally not true. You should instead seek help from a crawl space repair expert who can help you fix the entire problem. This is the only way you’ll be able to maintain your crawl space’s health and safety.

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